Issue with gaming hardware/software - HALP



Lately I have stumbled upon irritating issue. First of all let me describe history of this bitch ass glitch.

So I have an SLI, 2x GTX 680. Few days ago one of my GPUs after pluggin’ it in separately (Gainward Phantom 680GTX-2GB) showed big RED square after Windows 10 finished to spin the wheel - which from what I found is caused by OC or damaged GPU flash.
It was connected only with one GPU let me repeat, after going back to previous state - SLI - the red screen showed once more. At this point I was nervous.
As I have I7 I’ve managed to start Windows with my integrated GPU - reflashed bios to original one, as I had custom one before to match the gpu clocks. Same result. Funny as it is - uninstalled newest nVidia drivers and installed previous version helped - Windows 10 fucked something up with the drivers.

BUT… Now there is an issue that occures in two games: GTA V and CS:GO
Everywhere on the screen there are like paired gray pixels flickering and getting on my nerves - screenshot below.
All other games work properly, games like Arma 3, Vampyr, The Witcher - no problem at all.
I have to add that in my opinion this is not hardware issue - tested my CPU and GPU for errors - all good, also no overheat - created custom fan plan so it’s fresh & cool.
I have tried to play with the SLI Bridge - rotating, different pins.
Tried also changing Display Port cable with HDMI cable - same shit.

Another thing is that I can eliminate those pixels in CS:GO by enabling nVidia Stereoscopic 3D - even 1% eliminate those flickering pixels completely. This fix doesn’t help with GTA V.


144Hz Monitor
i7 2600k 3.4 up to 4.4
16Gbs RAM - DDR3 - 1066
SSD ocz agility 3
HDD caviar black
PSU Corsair 850w - RM850x

  • Gainward Phantom 680 GTX - 2Gb
  • Asus GTX 680 - 2GD5


It may be possible some of your GPU memory is fried, this happens when they have been operating outside design specifications, ie overclocked. Typical symptoms of this sound like what you have described. Sometimes dropping the overclock can fix it. But sometimes it is permanently screwed.

Those are old GPUs, you should replace them with cheap ass ex-mining GPUs. 1070 and 1080 GPUs can be bought for half price now days.


Well You just have confirmed my assumption. Yeah those are oldies but GPUs are still expensive for now, and ex-mining ? I’m not sure about that, isn’t that beat up GPU ?

I would probably think about whole new unit, with 1170 rather than investing more in this scrappy boy :stuck_out_tongue:


Most mining GPUs are fine, for mining efficiency most people undervolt the card, running with overclocked memory and core but on lower voltage. Depends on what they mined.

Plus I heard rumours the 1170 is probably a rebranded 1080


Well I see You, lower price etc, still uncretain simply by a fact that those GPUs work for like what, 24/7 a week ?

It is still weird for me cuz other games, that require good gpu memory power work normally - like Witcher 3.
It’s just hard for me to comprehend why it’s showing up in GTA V but not in Witcher, if u dig me.


Yes, that is a little puzzling. Maybe one game uses more memory than the other or is more taxing. Screen artifacts may only appear when the GPU is struggling, possibly heating the memory up.


Thanks man, I think we have covered it all.

I’m gonna ride this bike until it’s broken in to the half :smiley:


Just FYI, one of the 680GTXs was broken from overheat.


Typically miners take care of their cards better than 90% of gamers as they are running a business by mining. Yes they run 24/7 but if you operating with in its power and heat limits this only matters for the fans which can be replaced. Even at that i run the fans on my GPU’s under 50% which will typically allow the fans to last much longer than their legit gaming life.


Well mistake was on my side, space between two 680gtx’s was too small and those days it was like 30-40 celcius. So older one simply gave up. If i wont find aby buyer ill prolly put IT into the oven and see if IT will help :smiley:

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