Issues with bypassing main screen


Hey guys,
I have been having an issue trying to bypass this main screen when I turn on my computer. If I don’t press F1, F2 or F11, it will stay in the same screen for hours and the system won’t start. I have been playing with the BIOS setting to try to bypass this but so far no luck.
My MB is a ASROCK H110+ BTC PRO with the latest BIOS update( P1.60).
Any suggestion or help would be much much appreciate. Thanks Fam!



Have you been able to boot to your installed OS?

Try goin to the bios setup and resetting every back to default. We can start from here.


Yes, normally it goes to windows but I set it on the BIOS so it would read the USB drive whenever turned on or restarted. Also, I already default reset all the settings.


What OS do you have on the USB drive & has it booted successfully from the USB drive before?


I have the SMOS installed. Everything works fine but the only issue is that screen. I wanted to know how to bypass that screen so the system would start without me physically having to press F1 to continue.


The @THEDATALORD posted a fix in discord.


Just saw it. Thanks!


Problem solved. Thank you so much for all of your help!! @THEDATALORD