It's the **LAST DAY** to Sign up for the YEN Bootcamp Alpha Class - Cryptonauts +



Continuing the discussion from Bezant Token + Bitcoin Pub Giveaway :fire::



Just update my Patreon to Cryptonauts, is going to be epic to the moon we go :rocket:


Alpha Class was most epic, most most epic… Not even a near death experience could stop the grind for Peta! #ShowUpForWork #cantstopwontstop


I missed this. When is the next meeting?


I missed it too! Never received an email…

No reply?


Saturday at 8PM EST. I have the email list. DM me with email address in Discord so I can verify


sign ups too late? :frowning:


Yep. I missed the boat too. Beta sign up should be available down the road. I hope.


missed the mothership to the moon. now i’m stuck in the ICX thread forever :frowning:


The YEN Alpha Cohort is having fun learning, doing homework, experiments, etc.

Beta will have a ton of fun.