It's time to wake up and smell the Bitcoin!


Guys, it’s super important to understand the fundamental drivers of the blockchain revolution. The blockchain is a tool that solves a problem created by physics, the speed of light problem. Unlocking a solution could have a “yuge” impact on global GDP. Be part of the revolution!

@peter I think you will dig this. Looking forward to feedback.


It’s time to accumulate like our big investors do…


I know you’re not a huge fan of Ethereum @peter, but I really respect Vinay Gupta, an Ethereum co-founder. He sent out this just an hour ago.

Now if I can get over 400 Twitter followers it will be a miracle :joy:


I don’t like how ETH was handled but I’m more than willing to have ETH do amazing things for crypto!


It is essential to consider how longitudinal waves accelerate smoothly thru light speed by golden ratio conjugation precisely at the Planck threshold in regard to the current transformation. The human mind/consciousness is actually faster than light speed.


Invite him to the pub :smiley: Let’s do some philosophical transactions and update our minds :smiley: