I've been scammed of $1000... and I call this a success story!

Hello everybody, I finally decided to share a story that happened a few months ago. Sometimes we are too stubborn so we need our own mistakes to learn, but who knows … I’m sure there are more coach-able people out there than me :smile:

Here’s how it went:

  1. I started following a Youtube channel, creator was making good content, giving all kind of useful tips, building trust overt time
  2. at some point I commented on 1-2 videos (I rarely comment, most of the time I just give likes)
  3. shortly after my comment activity, I receive an e-mail about an investment opportunity that seemed realistic in terms of % profit (it wasn’t way too much or unrealistic)
  • sender had the same logo picture as the one of the Youtube channel
  • sender had a very similar e-mail address (ex: if bitcoinyoutuber@gmail.com was the address of the Youtube channel, the sender would use ZZbitcoinyoutuber@gmail.com)
  • sender had a very very similar name (ex: if “Bitcoin_Youtuber” would be the name that appeared on the Youtube channel, the sender would use “Bitcoin_ Youtuber”)
  1. the e-mail conversation is slowly redirected to a platform website where you create an account and send some funds and where you have all kind of options like investment, trading, exchanging, … the overall impression is that those guys have just started and that you may be there in the early stages
  2. RED flags that I ignored (strangely enough, I was aware of these at the time, but I decided to take the risk anyhow):
  • 2 factor authentication not implemented
  • no option to retrieve funds lower than the minimum investment sum
  1. I went in with that minimum investment sum, $1000, which at that time was 0.25 BTC (and of course, I transferred the sum in BTC, there were no other options of accepting funds)
  2. soon afterwards, I am informed that there are some issues with me having the lowest amount that was needed and that some complicated technical issues are present and that I would have to upgrade to 5x more in order to have the system working and be able to also withdraw my sum back
  3. I’m stuck here, I realize this is really a scam (the biggest one, so far)

This was it. Take it as you wish.

I also challenge you to leave your own story of being scammed (if you have been so far) in the comments below!

We might learn the pattern scammers use in the bitcoin world.
(in my case : leveraging the reputation of a Youtuber)

I wish all a strong mindset !


Bro. I’m really sorry about this. But damn great lessons learned. I’ll do a video on this.

Appreciate your willingness to share!


well done, spreading the lesson


by the way, I forgot to mention the platform website I was redirected to : https://coinprofitex.ltd/, where I dumped those $1000 without the possibility of getting them back

how come nobody asked so far ?


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