Japan Launches Blockchain-Based CryptoArt Collectibles

via Cryptovest

Japan’s love affair with anime has drawn in blockchain, with an entertainment studio and a popular Japanese anime joining forces to launch the world’s first sale of digital CryptoArt collectibles.

The CryptoArt collectibles will be based on the 30-minute anime Zunda Horizon, which centers on a girl called Tohoku Zunko.

Julian Lai-Hung, CEO and co-founder of the studio behind CryptoAnime, BlockPunk, commented:

“We are on a mission to bring the benefits of decentralization to the anime industry and filmmakers everywhere. Crypto Collectibles is a great way to get started as studios can instantly sell digital artwork globally without the need for complex retail deals as in the physical world. We are entering a new era of digital ownership thanks to the scarcity that crypto assets bring. We are thrilled to launch with the beautiful Zunda Horizon and raise as much as we can for Tohoku charities in Japan.”

Under the plan, cryptocurrency owners from around the world and anime fans can trade special digital anime artwork in Ether, the virtual currency powered by Ethereum. All proceeds from the CryptoAnime platform will be donated to Tohoku Tsunami relief charities.

BlockPunk described the CryptoArt as unique digital artworks recorded on the blockchain. Each artwork has a proof of stamp verifying its origin from the artist or creator, as well as a record of who owns the piece. Owners of the pieces can list their names on BlockPunk’s official website to be recognized as a legitimate holder of a CryptoArt. Fans can generate profit from the anime artwork as its value is expected to rise over time.

Zunda Horizon executive producer Hiroaki Takeuchi added:

“Zunda Horizon is a combination of Tohoku culture, the finest Japanese animation craft, and innovative technology. When we learned about blockchain from CryptoAnime, there was complete alignment on this ground-breaking concept. We are very excited to bring a new global audience to Tohoku Zunko!”

J-pop meets crypto

Japanese culture has always been quick to embrace new technologies.

January saw the debut of an all-girl pop band group Kasotsuka Shojo, which translates as “Virtual Currency Girls” in English. Each of the eight members wears a mask representing cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Cardano, eBitcoinCash, Ethereum, Monacoin, NEM, NEO, and Ripple. The girls’ obsession with anime is expressed through French maid costumes, which are often worn by anime characters and are popular in cosplay circles.


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