John McAfee Bitcoin Augmented Reality Artwork, Limited to 10


We are pleased to present an incredible conversation starter - the augmented reality John McAfee canvas, created by artist Trevor Jones. This artwork, when used with the app CreativMuse (available for both Android and iOS platforms) animates with full video and sound. The canvas itself measures 40"x30" inches and has a 1.5" inch depth. It is hand stretched and mounted around a wooden frame. Limited to a production of only 10 and includes a hand signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

After you’ve received your artwork, download the CreativMuse app on your smart phone to experience remarkable augmented reality.

CreativMuse app available here:

  1. Download the app to your device

  2. Point your device at the artwork

  3. Click ‘Start scanning’ - enjoy the augmented reality experience

Check our website to see the GIF and watch how it animates. You can also download the app and scan the picture we have on our website and watch how it works that way, too!

Price: .16 BTC with free shipping for both domestic and international orders
Limited to: 10 , never to release again on any other medium or any other canvas size.