You may have noticed a small widget on the bottom-left of your screen today… well, that’s because we’re launching a new temporary landing page for CryptoYum!

We are building a super-awesome LAUNCH TEAM for CryptoYum, our upcoming mobile reader!

We want YOU to be part of our team and could use your help! But first things first… make sure you sign-up via the widget (or go here) and then share it with your community.

We’d love to get 1,000 folks (at least!) our our CryptoYum Launch Team… can we do it?! I think we can.

Oh, and of course, if you’re looking for even more action… we’ve been giving our Patreons Behind-the-Scenes access to our development and product design process… so feel free to up-the-ante…! We’d love to have you!

Getting Started @ The Pub :beers:

Always counting down. Because we are constantly launching new things.

To the moon guys. To the moon. :rocket:



By the way @john
My bro is huge into mathematics and machine learning. He just built a music recommendation tool that I think you might like. I feel as though you may have similar interests.


That’s really cool, BlackKitty. Meow :smile: @BlackKitty


did I already miss registration for this? :frowning:

my widget is not launching…


Head to


thanks so much @john :slight_smile:

I managed to register, and yes…I want MOAR!!! (learnt something new today!)

Also, is that “saitama”? - :slight_smile:


A quick note on this, (constructive criticism perhaps, or at least evidence of the issue by virtue of my own lack of understanding) but I’m not sure that the potential incentives of participation in this project are being communicated. What is the project trying to do that participants will gain from? As a Patreon, I checked the Patreon area and saw that additional information on CryptoYum was behind the paywall for $35+ subscribers. I don’t know what it is that I could be missing out on. It’s not self-evident how my giving my time to the project would be potentially beneficial to me directly (through curating material and therefore getting early access perhaps) or indirectly as related to growing a community.

I’m all for contributing to a community through my monthly Patreon donation as I appreciate the work that goes into its administration etc. and I feel that I benefit from the information accumulated within that community. On CryptoYum as it stands, I don’t know what it is, what it really does, and what it can do for me and us.


@GarethDavies - great questions. The $35+ provides alpha/beta access and specific behind-the-scenes look into the product design and development lifecycle. It’ll also cover the costs of any premium services that we might create for users of the service, although those are TBD at the moment.

In general, Patreon allows us to provide a way for folks to support the on-going costs of putting together such a large production and allows folks to participate and join in that story at different “levels”. To a certain degree, the $-figure isn’t really as important to us as the person’s interest in joining our adventure at a spot that they feel most inclined.

We appreciate every single penny. This has been quite a neat story already!


Oh, I’m absolutely onboard with that. It’s why I donate and my levels of potential engagement dictate how much I volunteer to contribute. I’m a big proponent of the model and contribute to 3-4 other Patreons at the moment.

It’s this part that I feel isn’t being sufficiently communicated, perhaps. Maybe I missed it but if so, I still missed it and going to the Patreon page didn’t really help. But you’ll know how successful it’s been thus far by virtue of the increased numbers (or lack thereof) of subscribers at the $35 level following the introduction of CryptoYum.

Good luck with it, regardless.


We can probably do a better job here… what do you think we should add/change/delete?


I’d just consider how you can communicate what you’ve written in answer to me. The communication of the benefits to those that aren’t already in the $35 group. My question was the consequence of a potential inadequacy in that communication. How can that gap be filled or more effectively communicated. Having that info on the Patreon page specifically in regard to CryptoYum might be one idea. I don’t want to be too presumptuous on what is already being done and has been done as I maybe missed something.


Hey, subscribed to crytoyum / product hunt page and verified email. Then what?
Can’t find it through istore on my ipad. I’m I just being simple or am I missing something?


We’re about ready to launch it. Please hodl!


How can I join the team would I need to do ?

Put me in coach


The early access is at the Pub Cryptonaut level. :slight_smile:


I might just join to be a part of this. Is it out already for Pub Cryptonaut level? @peter @john

And, when do you think it will come out for everyone?


We are very close. Keep eye on CryptoYum updates as well as past updates on the posts. You can see progress there!


Any plans for a rename or is this the name of the app? I keep thinking about Bubble Yum chewing gum lol.
Took bad we can’t try the app yet. I’m sure it will be great!


AeroSnail. Best GIF Evah! :slight_smile: