Joining the Galaxy Foundation Private Investment Fund



Hello everyone :man_astronaut:,

As most of the pub is aware Galaxy Foundation has made many changes recently and have moved from telegram to discord. (a private investment fund, originally formed by early pub members)

If you wish to join we now require all members old and new to fill a kyc form and apply to join us.

This is to make sure we are compliant and more secure.

Our Website -

We strive to strategically support new and emerging blockchain related projects not only with simple funds but also with a variety of support from the broad range of skills our team have.

Its worth mentioning now that this is not a pool group. If you are looking for a pool group you are in the wrong place. Public Pools are and will quickly die off as the market matures.

If you are an ICO investor and/or believe you can add value to the foundation then join our discord channel, spots are limited. Also just because you have applied, does not mean that you will be accepted.

here :point_down:

This link will take you to our lobby where you can fill the kyc form.

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you. :v:

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Hey pubbers…I can say this is a top notch group and run extremely well! Fantastic opportunities, sound research. I am thankful for all the hard work @limes and his team put in. :rocket:

Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange
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I second this! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thank you @limes and the team!


Also a member, and extremely happy with how professionally Limes has run this investment group.


Highly recommend Galaxy!


surely the foundation can afford a patronage from all the pub money they receive :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Will peter join ths foundation


can you please expand on this? how does galaxy foundation differentiate from a pool, why is it better, how does it have more longevity comparatively?


Cryptonations!!! join the Galaxy Foundation if you wan to make those quick gains and bonuses!


Everyone should fill out Limes’ KYC and join up if you haven’t yet. With our collective purchasing power we can get preferred deals.


I’ve joined the foundation. Pretty thankful that I was accepted. So far, things look really great over there at discord. However, I have one question. Are there any safety precautions should the administrator suddenly be not available to distribute the ICO tokens?


I believe its done via a smart contract so even if god forbid Limes dies on us then the tokens will still arrive, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

However that depends on the pledges being sent by Limes to the other side to activate the contract, if something happened to him before that part of the process then I guess we might be in a bit of a black hole unless some of the other admins have access to the full system, maybe they can enlighten us about that…


Thanks for clarifying. This sounds really good.


We are currently positioned as a private investment group. Because we are private, we can get around the blocks that are put in place by many ICOs who will not tolerate public pools. We also do KYC for each member so that we can truthfully say that yes we kyc all of our members when an ico team asks. It is currently becoming more difficult for public pools to secure and keep a deal because they are no longer being tolerated by most ICO teams.

Public pools allow anyone to participate and are more likely to have their deal terms leaked and lose a deal. Public pools are also more likely to have scammers and time wasters which we try to weed out through our application process. Our top priority is safety and security of our investors and our deals.

Limes and the rest of the team work their ass off to secure the best possible deals for the best rated ICO’s. Very professional experience.


thanks for your great work. safety and security are really what we want. i am on my way to be there. hope everything goes well


Thanks for the hard work, Limes. I know it not easy to do this job. I feel exclusive joining this group. All of the deals are real and effective. It is completely differenced from the common ICO pools which are messy. Galaxy foundation is nice and clean.

Keep a good work


Very well managed investment group. Highly recommended!!


@limes I don’t quite get what this is, if it’s not a pool group. In what way are you intending to support blockchain projects apart from providing funds? Also what requirements do you have to meet, to join and remain part of the group (how active do you have to be)?


I can highly recommend the Galaxy Foundation. The team works hard to get the best deals. And the communication is very good.


Profressional team :slight_smile: