Joining to self learn myself on here


Hello peoples,
I’m Rrramon out here from Kansas.
Got my foot in the door with coinbase and got some BTC to move for an XRP investment. The partnerships Ripple has are heavy hitters and no other crypto has been built up for 5 years(liquidity) with a specific market need and solution. XRP is the tip of the spear in Utility Cryptos. Utility cryptos will be be the ones to survive post mainstream surge. HodL
Moon goal is to make enough in cryptos to live comfortably and pursue invention and entrepreneurial ventures.
I look forward in getting perspective on the market and projects out there. So you guys can show me when I have a good/bad idea blush:
Im on YouTube (unfortunate) all the time so I thank Petah for sharing this with me.


Moved to moon goals.

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Bitcoin dominance is at recent all time high levels for a reason. It’s all about the Satoshi’s, not the fiat shite. Alt season will be here soon enough, but for now, I’m holding BTC heavy. Welcome to the Cryptonation. Best and only place to start your journey.


Punch your ticket and get strapped in. Admittedly, I’ve got some xrp, mostly as a hedge. XRP has basically already suffered a 51% attack by ripple. BTC is :crown:.


NO doubt BTC will bring steady solid growth over time. For a newbie like me that can only get fractions of the BTC at a time I need other options. I don’t have the resources to be heavy into BTC although i would like to be. Smaller alt coins will provide the the the liquidity to get more establish because when the BTC ETF take off the riseing tide will raise all the boats :slight_smile:


I’m doing my best to fractionally acquire my ticket homie , BTC is king but what do you mean “Basically suffered a 51% attack”? When the BTC ETF get approved the rising tide will lift all the boats in the harbor. That will be my liquidity for a better BTC holding:)


I’m glad you asked, because even I misinterpreted what a 51% attack actually is. The comment was based on the fact that the Ripple company owns 60% of all XRP coin supply (not just in circulation), however a 51% attack is when an individual, it small group bof individuals own a majority of the computing power (mining power, hashrate) in the network. When 51% of the network is controlled by a single group, dectentralization is lost, and would allow them to prevent other transactions, allow their own coins to be spent multiple times, and overall disrupt the network. I’m sure there is more on this somewhere in the pub. I feel like owning 60% of the total coin supply present similar issues around decentralization.


I see your concern for the portion off control that Ripple the company has over XRP. I would think that as the only token that has a single company steering it ,Ripple has a dedication for its own success. The most damaging thing this company could logically do is flood the market to devalue the XRP for what ever business reason. Logically it would want to keep or increase the value of their digital asset that they use to provide liquidity for settling international payments near instantly. If ripple ruins the value of XRP the ledger continues but they lose a significant portion of the service they provide clients. For these and other reasons I find XRP a very low risk investment with very high potential return. Do you think I’m way off?


I guess it depends on how much you trust ripple. XRP isn’t mined, it was “pre-mined”. It’s hard even calling it a cryptocurrency. I think that it does offer value, but to me feels more like a product. Governments love them some crony capitalism, so the pragmatic side of me says to buy a small amt, then wait n see. I like xlm more than xrp, but fundamentallyy, it’s all about that BTC.


This is true of just about any coin that is owned by a single company and does not use PoW. I mean even ICX and NEO which are thought of highly here at the pub fall into these catagories even to the extent of working with government regulators and banks so I still do not understand the hate for XRP. I am still on the fence with XRP and even NEO and ICX for that matter. I honestly feel that the only truly decentralized currency is BTC. Everything else has a corporation that created or is controlling it thus no matter how decentralized the network is there is a central point of control.


The unnatural hate for XRP is a philosophical conflict people have. People are torn from being pragmatic for profit and dogmatic for Satoshi’s vision and purpose for cryptos. XRP might not even fit the definition of a crypto but its in the market and we are early adopters for financial and personal independence. It only behooves Ripple for the price of XRP to go up and people shouldn’t feel wrong for trying to ride that train. BTC maximalists are usually people that have a strong position in BTC already. For people starting in this space that don’t have a lot of capital to invest seem to be faulted for looking to have a complete token and other % gains then BTC. Thats how I feel at least.