Jordan Belfort aka the wolf of wall street warning against Bitcoin

Hi crypto nation

Here s a small video of Jordan Belfort announcing the close end to bitcoin being shut down by governments due do bitcoin s threat on their financial power.

What s your thoughts


This guy is a bigger dildo than Jamie Dimon.



I’m curious to hear your responses to this guy.

He speaks on how he “knows” block chain technology will do well in the future but Bitcoin and all of these other coins are Ponzi schemes; what this tool doesn’t understand are these coins are the token ledger for all block chain technology. They are what provision the smart contracts in the infrastructure, they are what spin nodes for back-end developers, they are what enable the business executives to create tokenized agreements with vendors… this is equivalent to using the precious USD (which is 98% inflated by the way) to hire a regular contracting company to do a job. What really gets me about this guy and his message is that it really is reaching some individuals - do your own research in the industry and stop being led like sheep by a man who appears to be more self righteous than Jesus Christ. Do you hear how self centered he is? “I know” this and “I did” that; give it a rest, man; we know you don’t know jack shit.


Yeh this guy is a tool and not a sharp one either. He doesn’t get it. Just because he researched mining a few years back does’t mean he knows anything. Heck I did that research back then also and come July of last year I found that what I did learn back 5-6 years ago didn’t mean anything anymore.


That guy is nothing be a greasy hustler. I’ll translate his position, pretending for a moment he is being honest:

‘I’m Jordan Belfort and I have been unable to find a way to make hundreds of millions off Bitcoin by fleecing others, therefore, I declare Bitcoin and crypto a YUGE failure, facing imminent demise. Even though I was going to mine it years ago, I KNEW it would never be a thing and still say cough, choke, sputter it’s nothing. Because I’m a quick study and “I KNOW” :shushing_face: You can trust me, I know things.’

He knows how to hustle, how to cheat, how to lie. Those are his credentials.


:joy::joy::joy: he’s a dildo :joy::joy:


That’s insulting to dildos.


I somehow managed to listen to this entire broadcast though I think the Wolf’s mike was trying to cut him off because it had had enough of his nonsense. His heart is in a good place, but his opinion, in my opinion is off base. His inconsistent supporting statements make his message incoherent. He claimed to know all about crypto, yet he has the opinion that governments can and will shut crypto down, so he obviously missed the big key point of decentralization. Another key question, why is the US and South Korea proposing regulation if they are going to ban it anyway? Seems like a waste of time, but then again, it is what governments do…He is completely offbase about China and India and their banning of Crypto, completely offbase about exchange hacks, and can’t seem to make up his mind about Crypto. I was gonna mine it but I didn’t, I wished I had mined it before, and I don’t want anything to do it, I wouldn’t touch it…those three lines do not seem to add up. I wish him the best and may he find peace one day when he finally relents to his inner desire and buys a coin or two, maybe mine so doge.


why make a reaction video, its not worth peters time

this guy is a scammer and now people adore him, dafuq?

of course he talks shit about crypto coz crypto is going to disrupt the market where he is an expert in, he’s a dino and is about to get extinct, he wants to stay relevant

didn’t he warn against bitcoin from before it was 4000 usd, in the meanwhile it went 5x


Once a crook always a crook. Perfect example of someone who has missed his chance to get invloved in crypto. Isn’t this guys net worth in th enegative…


Lol he clearly doesn’t understand “The Block Chain” , how the fuck does he suppose “they just freeze it ??”

I know the cryptomarket and all crypto is Bitcoin ,I thought about mining the shit out of it - J Belfort 2018

How the fuck can he say over and over and over i know all about crypto “Bring crypto to industry”, and somehow he doesn’t know about , Iota , Funtoken etc


why make a reaction video, its not worth peters time

Through all of the nonsensical bullshit that he’s spouting he brings up some outlooks that I’m sure a lot of new people in the scene or people that were thinking about joining the community also have; and I’m sure, because of him and others like him, they’ve decided not to join.

Most of the time, taking the more diplomatic approach by taking a step back to listen and observe is the healthiest way to handle these situations, but sometimes discussing something where others may actually be intrigued or confused more in depth can help shed light on certain situations instead of just brushing it off.

Obviously, most of us know that this guy’s a sleaze, but instead of us saying the exact same things about his personality I think it’s important to address the points he’s so adamant about. I like the way @peter deconstructs these types of scenarios in DCTV - that’s why I suggested he do a response to it.


Well said plus one for u :slight_smile:


The guy is a weasel


I wouldn’t give this guy any credence or airtime whatsoever. He is nothing but a two-bit huckster and knows nothing about technology and cheated people out of millions using his boiler room tactics. Why give him another audience?

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God damn that guy is packed with hair color products LMAO :rofl:

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This guy is in the back pockets of bankers.


That makes sense.

I love how he states “You have to work hard for money you can’t just invest in this and expect millions”

…don’t you make your money on speculative investing in security assets?


I used the search feature to find some dildo recommendations for a “friend” but this thread showed up first.


If he knew everything about Crypto currencies and how it was going to blow up before crashing then why didn’t he invest? He would’ve made a fortune and been out of the market long before any “correction.”

And, the Bitcoin is recovering when he stated with certainty that it would go down to $2000 … $1000… and then a little over zero which is its true value.

Sounds like a scammer’s upset that he didn’t get in on the action so he doesn’t want others to profit either.

Admitting that he was wrong would hurt his pride and make him feel bad for not investing. When the market crashed he felt it was an opportunity to further bash Crypto rather than invest, because it reinforces everything he’s been saying.

If he invested he would be going against everything he’s been spouting for the past who knows how long. And we all know that his ego is far too big to let him do that.

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