Joule: Lightning Browser Extension





Still requires you to run your own node, but, the steps are headed in the right direction!

Everything you need to get started with lightning

Very nice! :btc: Looking forward to a native version of this in Brave one day.



Thank you for sharing @heavilyarmedclown
I stuck on Rest API to create a local node.
What you did?


Do you have a bitcoin node running already?


No, I don’t but I will run in the lightning network.
There is a lot to learn for me, especially around security, like literally learning technology.


Unfortunately you must first be running a bitcoin node before you can run a lightning node


Thanks @heavilyarmedclown for info. I will be moving out Saturday/Sunday and it will be not enough time to download whole blockchain. How big is now? +300 Gb?


the whole blockchain is about 200 gb


Took me 24 hours with the BTCpay cloud based server.


Yep, not enough time. Also, I was thinking of Linux Mint. From that point, I could go further. Have a great day brother, I’m so grateful for you.


Thank you for your response. It depends on speed but as I said before, Linux will be my first step.


BTCpay runs on Linux (Ubuntu).


Thanks brother for info.


BTC pay is very cool, I want to start playing around with that.


@heavilyarmedclown a great open-source project. Their website only went live a couple of hours ago but the dev is very well established.


Just to add when I used their “one click” install about 6 weeks ago there was only the LND implementation.

They mentioned in their Slack channel yesterday that now their is an option to select between LND or c-lightning.

When I have time I will probably switch to c-lightning because it can be linked to Spark. Spark is the only Android wallet that I know of that has the ability to send and receive lightning payments. Zap wallet is available for iOS but not on Android yet.