Joule: Lightning Browser Extension





Still requires you to run your own node, but, the steps are headed in the right direction!

Everything you need to get started with lightning

Very nice! :btc: Looking forward to a native version of this in Brave one day.



Thank you for sharing @heavilyarmedclown
I stuck on Rest API to create a local node.
What you did?


Do you have a bitcoin node running already?


No, I don’t but I will run in the lightning network.
There is a lot to learn for me, especially around security, like literally learning technology.


Unfortunately you must first be running a bitcoin node before you can run a lightning node


Thanks @heavilyarmedclown for info. I will be moving out Saturday/Sunday and it will be not enough time to download whole blockchain. How big is now? +300 Gb?


the whole blockchain is about 200 gb


Took me 24 hours with the BTCpay cloud based server.


Yep, not enough time. Also, I was thinking of Linux Mint. From that point, I could go further. Have a great day brother, I’m so grateful for you.


Thank you for your response. It depends on speed but as I said before, Linux will be my first step.


BTCpay runs on Linux (Ubuntu).


Thanks brother for info.


BTC pay is very cool, I want to start playing around with that.


@heavilyarmedclown a great open-source project. Their website only went live a couple of hours ago but the dev is very well established.


Just to add when I used their “one click” install about 6 weeks ago there was only the LND implementation.

They mentioned in their Slack channel yesterday that now their is an option to select between LND or c-lightning.

When I have time I will probably switch to c-lightning because it can be linked to Spark. Spark is the only Android wallet that I know of that has the ability to send and receive lightning payments. Zap wallet is available for iOS but not on Android yet.


Switched a lightning network node over to c-lightining and Spark Android wallet today. Few minor issues but all sorted now.

If you have a lightning enabled wallet on your phone like Spark, Eclair or Zap you can see how it all works on one of the sites we maintain.

From the Menu you can select Shop for semi-real purchases or Cafe for an imaginary eatery.
The particular article below is one of the first real sites in the world to incorporate lightning publisher linked to BTCpay.

Part way through the article you will see the following text:

Fairly self explanatory.

Using an Eclair wallet that doesn’t have a channel open with the node takes about 10 seconds for the payment to be processed. As more channels connect to the node, including my own Eclair wallet, this time should come down to about 1 or 2 seconds, as it was with LND.