Julian Assange - Thoughts?


I know we are a diverse group of people all over the world.

What are people thinking about Julian Assange?

I’m thinking this is not good for press freedom.
And, the US will engage in some Kabuki Theater.

Of course, I can be wrong about everything. But, He is really being punished for revealing uncomfortable truths.



It will be interesting to see how this plays out…


If they charge Assange, then no-one is safe.


Sad as it is, I would imagine they will want to make an example of him, send a signal to the rest of us, giving the message that the only truth that will be allowed is their truth.

Truth about their puppet Sadam having weapons of mass destrution, Truth that the twin towers was a terrorist hit, truth that Monsanto havnt been poisioning us all for years, truth that the peoples of Venuzuala need to be saved from the psycho in charge or the truth that 20+ trillion national debt is managable…

The truth that the Fait money system isnt a massive illusion & yet another con job being run on the people by the elites…

The psycho’s are in charge of the madhouse so dont expect things to change anytime soon.

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Nice, pretty much sums up the situation. 1984 is knocking on your door & leaving you a little gift in the shape of a trojan horse named Alexa or Google, please talk nice to your new friends…:sunglasses:

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