Kakao showing crypto agility



I’m still laughing so much. Guys, of course patrons know why Peter is excited about bitbox but rest of you guys, let’s check that out.

P.S. first time Peter wearing that ETH t-shirt.

So much fun


I’m sometimes too obvious. But then again, what do I know.


When the Korean ico floodgates open, will ICOs be held independently as Erc20 placeholders, or will they actually use Icon’s ICO platform?

Will rules force ICOs to be launched on “officially sanctioned” platforms? Legislate the tech, create monopoly?

Or will ICOs be launched on “officially sanctioned” Exchanges? Legislate the flow of $$

The latter will keep Korean money from exiting exchanges, which seems to be a major sticking point for officials…

Short term bad for Icon and their ICO platform? Or is the mainnet launch timing a beautiful signal? Missed discord chat

How is Icon viewed, holding their ico during the ico ban, by Korean officials? Kakao decided to forego the ICO…