Karatgold coin (KBC)


What’s the news on karatgold coin - KBC? Its a gold company established in 2011 out of Stuggart Germany that crossed over into crypto currency recently. A crypto bank just opened in Miami and the CEO Harald Seiz has opened other branches in Hong Kong, Dubai & Singapore and maybe Belize. The KBC ICO has ended but they’ll just launced another coin Karat CoIN Bank coin- (KCB), which is supposed to support the bank in Miami. Can we get an accurate report on this company and its involvement with crypto currency? www.karatgold.io. or the newest coin www.Karatcoinbank.io. Thank you


Haven’t heard about it. You can begin adding information to this thread so more people can learn!


So on page 13 of the white paper they said the gold mine they are using has a chance to not provide the needed amount of gold to back their coin… I dont trust like that


Here are some links to more information of the Karatgold Coin (KBC), KaratBars and the New active ICO for KaratCoin Bank (KCB)
www.karatgold.io and www.Karatcoinbank.io


Video of KC Bank Opeing in Miami - July 4th 2018

KaratCoin Bank Ecosytem illustration video


Latest Updates on Karatgold Coin KBC/KCB