Keep your feet grounded

All this isn’t meant to spread FUB but more meant as the title states to keep your feet grounded as the crypto battles with FIAT, government, and central banks begin. This article is a couple months old but is still relevant.
I see so many in the space that continue to count the banks dead, this in my opinion is about as asinine as saying Bitcoin is dead on every crash. They are doing their home work strategizing. While many people think that the banks just do not understand this article shows that at least one bank get it. I am not saying they agree with us I am saying they understand who their “opponents” are.

The article itself is pretty good but there is a lot of juicy info in the 124pg report that I have yet to finish reading which discusses some of the same things we are discussing in our Patreon chats. So this may help you start to understand why some of the relationships mentioned are so important.

Hope you enjoy the read and feel free to pull tidbits out of the 124pg report and post here to discuss as it has been a pretty dry read thus far but I think an important one for us to understand who our opponents are. The article just focuses on the crypto currency portions and the report touches more on the Meta.


The Bank of the Future 124 pg report


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