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Hello guys,
KIN ICO is open, and as it is a already developed app mostly used in the US, is something maybe interesting.

Any body invested ? Is it something that you guys is gonna be big ?


I’ve looked into it. You can’t invest yet, it’s just the registration that’s open. Not a fan of ICOs, but I might bite due to the company behind Kin. There isn’t exactly a small number of people that use Kik.


Messaging app company Kik is getting ready to hold its highly-anticipated ICO in two weeks. The company will sell 1 trillion “Kin” coins and expects to raise $125 million. Of that amount, $50 million has already been sold in a pre-sale to investors including Blockchain Capital, Pantera Capital, and Polychain Capital. The remaining 512 million tokens will be sold for $75 million on Sept. 12. The sale would make Kik the first non-blockchain social media application to create its own digital currency.

More info here. Definitely watching it for sure.


I registered here and waiting for acceptance now. Then I will see.



I never invested presales is there more profit to gain like this or do we never know what the outcome will be ?
I am interested to buy kin.
Did the registration already but i read pro and contra
Any advise you can give me ?.


I am a first time ICO “investor” too. I made my decision based on the info I could find around…and it seems to be good decisoon. But I can not give you hint. Maybe the others.


They will start the token distribution in 24hour. Ethereum is only 290USD…I hope it is a good idea taking part.

FIY - I got this letter from them:


Registration for the Kin token distribution event (TDE) is now closed. Over a two-week period, a total of 17,075 people from 139 countries registered and were approved to participate in the sale, demonstrating that Kin is an active and global community.

You are successfully registered to participate in the Kin TDE.

The TDE will begin on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. At this time, you may purchase Kin exclusively on kin.kik.com.

As a reminder, we will be capping the public portion of the TDE at $75 million. In order to enable as many people to participate, we will have two phases of the sale.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 9:00 a.m. EST: For the first 24 hours, each registered individual will be able to purchase up to $4,392.39.
Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 9:00 a.m. EST: The maximum participation cap will be incrementally raised over the first hour and then be unlimited until all tokens are sold. At this time, any registered user may attempt to purchase additional Kin.
If you would like to learn more about our approach to token distribution, please read our most recent blog post on Medium.

Here are some important details to keep in mind:
During the TDE, you will need to use the address of the Ethereum wallet you provided during registration. Any attempts to send ETH from a different address or directly from an exchange will result in an inability to purchase Kin and your ETH may be permanently lost.

The exchange rate for ETH to USD will be published at the time the smart contracts are deployed, using the methodology that most closely aligns a rate with the $75 million USD hard cap at the time of the TDE.

You will only be able to purchase more than $100,000 of Kin if you provided your passport information with a selfie during registration.

  • The Kin Team


They gave about 1.9 millions of KIN per ETH. My plan is that one day a KIN worths 1 USD :slight_smile: If it will be only 10cents…well I accept that too until the end of this year :wink:


Yes of course…I did the math. But it is my plan and I want to stick with it ,)


Well i decided to not do the ico because i really don´t like to give my passport to a company that can be hacked…


Which company cannot be hacked? Why do u think that the hackers won’t steal your data from an exchange for example.


You are right, but i try to minimize the places where i give the infos, so i prefered to pass anyway.


I don’t know what will happen if people don’t buy the coins up? If it is the right info in the first TD period they were able sell “only” 16million USD worth coin instead the planned 75million.


They have about 35 million USD until now. I know that you cannot join if not registered but for the historical record I note it here ,)


From Twitter: “If the token sale is not filled, unsold tokens will not be minted.” That can affect the price when it hits the exchange or not?


FIY: about 10.000 people bought KIN token. They got about 330.000 ETH which is about 95million USD. 100.000 ETH worth KIN left for sale.


FYI Kik sent a notification:

Thank you for your support. We’re excited that the sale has ended, and we can now distribute your tokens!

Per our earlier communications, Kik has taken and redistributed the supply of unsold tokens proportionally to all sale participants. This was done at the original exchange rate of $289 = 1 ETH = 1,973,581 KIN. The portion of this redistribution is: 426,262.55 KIN / ETH.

The additional amount will be deposited into the Ethereum address originally used in the token sale: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please note that this redistribution process can take 48-72 hours. After this time, please check your account balances. If you do not see your deposit and believe that an error has been made, please contact us via email at kin.support@kik.com.>

  • The Kin Team


FIY: It seems to me that KIN was introduced at some small exchanges:

About 10-15million USD market cap went.


What was the ‘x-flip’ on this from pre-sale/ico to it hitting its ATH on the exchanges?


KIK implemented a KIN wallet into the KIK app. It is a hidden function yet but it seems to be ready to launch for all of their users.

Thanks to you, we are one step closer to making a new decentralized ecosystem of digital services a reality. Over the past few weeks, 10,000 people came together to raise a total of nearly $100 million in the Kin token sale.

Today, we are excited to announce that a very early integration of Kin is now accessible to some of our most loyal Kik users. Through this limited introduction to Kin, we hope to begin:

Educating our most active and networked users about the transactional nature of Kin

Generating insights to inform our evolving product strategy

Over the coming months, we will keep you updated with more details on the product and how Kin will be rolled out to the broader Kik community. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to create a Kik account and check out the initial integration of Kin for yourself.

You can download the Kik app here. Once you’ve created an account in Kik, you can access the Kin experience inside of Kik through the steps outlined below. Please note that you will need to use the 14-digit code provided in this email to activate this experience inside of Kik. Your confidential and personalized code is: