[KIN] KIN by KIK HQ (ICO, tokens, wallet, trade, news)



this coin seems almost free… whats the catch?
This coin is to be used with the kik platform right? so if this coin goes to $1 that would mean that utlizing it on the platform would make it more expensive?or not? what am i missing?


I’ve been researching it. Apparently investors are upset because Kik won’t release Kin on any exchanges. They say that “it’s up to the exchanges if they want to add Kin”. We can only speculate, but I sure don’t know why they won’t. Maybe to prevent dumping afterwards? They also don’t have a roadmap out.


this thing is taking a good beating, have to look at a long term projection here… what would it take to go to even $0.1? at its current rate one could buy a hundred thousand coins for $10 …doesnt sound like such a heavy risk to take really lol but its pointless if this coin is going nowhere… but they have been working on it for 8 years, i doubt they just going to leave it dead and let it come to nothing


KickICO is keeping 90% of the premine. Does anyone actually read the white paper to ICOs?


These are exchanges or not?

I have about 2.5million KIN so that would be nice if 1USD/KIN would happen…but it will not. I will be happy if I can sell it with small profit (first ICO I took part).


Well I get that you have some KIN, but the owners of KIK are keeping a lot of the money that was raised. That’s kinda shady, right?


Yes. I am not happy with the situation at all…but they implemented KIN handling into KIK which is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. So I have nothing left just go to a temple and pray :smiley:


I think all ERC-20 tokens get added to EtherDelta. People are hoping for big exchanges such as Bittrex.


I found a really interesting article in KIN reddit forum. Maybe I should buy more at this low price level? :slight_smile:

It is about a “Red Envelope” development into WeChat app. It’s a feature WeChat introduced in 2014 to exchange money electronically, based on the age-old Chinese custom of giving red envelopes filled with money at weddings, holidays, and special occasions.

…When the envelopes debuted in 2014 during Chinese New Year, the number of people using WeChat payments more than tripled from 30 million to 100 million in a month. Over the six-day holiday, users sent each other 20 million red envelopes. One year later, that number reached 3.2 billion.


Some news on development

Tech AMA with Leonid Beder, Head of Blockchain Engineering and Security


It seems that they will move from ethereum to another plaform. The decision will be anounced soon.
NEO would be nice - it would bring instant 15millions of users for NEO as they will integrate KIN into KIK in this year.


I honestly don’t think it would be bad it invest $20 and come back to it within a year or two. Going all in or throwing in massive amounts into it might be a risky move with Kin though. I’m hearing some things about how their ICO was used to keep the company afloat. Don’t quote me on that though.


This was the first ICO I took part. Not the best decision :smiley: Spent 1 ETH and it is underwater since it is available to trade…forced me to hodl. I hope their connection with Tencent and the KRE will bring value to the token.


They plan to replace Ethereum - maybe NEO is coming?


Guys, this ICO needs patience. Come back a year later and reap the rewards.

I invested “heavily”, but still have high hopes for a fair return on this project.


Patience pays off my friends… Kin doing very well lately. I believe 10-15x the last weeks? Just wait until they launch on Stellar or another platform and gets listed on Binance/Kucoin. To the moon :rocket::rocket:


I still have the 2.5 millions KIN from the ICO. I hope they will send it to Binance or Bithumb after the software release.


Hot news from KIN. This news possibly caused the 30% price rise.


In the meantime they quit from ETH blockchain and builded their own based on Stellar. Now they started to implement KIN into KIK. There is a possibility to see a good usage example for social media platforms in KIK. I hope KIK will show the way and give a KIN based platform for others ones.


Recent AMA with Ted Livingstone CEO&Founder of KIK. They have good plan.

In addtion I link the recent news here: