[KIN] KIN by KIK HQ (ICO, tokens, wallet, trade, news)



Thank you. I’m not developer but I will look into that


The AMA was not for developers I think. The topics were about the future of the KIN, token distribution, project plans, etc…


KIN was launched in KIK and the allow random users to use it. The numbers can be seen here: http://kinexplorer.io/statistics


How users can earn and send $KIN in KIK app:


$KIN is growing user base day by day. In KIK 500 KIN equals with $5. That means $0.01/KIN. Current price on exchanges $0.000183/KIN. To equalize with “in KIK price” it needs 55x current price. Interesting. I have to buy at leat 20millions from this one.


In addition there is a chance for smaller chat apps (like KIK) to boost market share as users start to leave Facebook :smiley:


KIN usage stats few months later: