Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Some familiar names in the team, including an ICX name.

What y’all think? Might drop some G’s on there.

Thanks @Duttydirtz for the tip.

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This is relatively unknown so let’s keep it in the pub only.

This project was started by the guy that founded Bithumb. Many top employees cone from Kakao which is a huge social media finance company in South Korea.

Haven’t been this excited about an ico since ICON.

I am going in Bigly.


Ok so bithumb co-founder thats interesting


Absolute heavy weights mate! The team look solid and advisors are top Dons


CEO of DAYLI Intelligence and Founder of Dayli Financial Group, which is behind ICX

CEO of theloop, Inc. JH Kim, which is on ICX team

Take my money? :slight_smile:


So the question is, a couple of G’s or ape shit with 10G’s.


That’s what I’m saying this isn’t something to pass up


I’m going to free up a big chunk of my icx holdings for it.

Minimum is 1k usd and no max. Also 25% bonus in pre sale. This won’t get pass pre sale


ICX jumped from 11 cent to like 2 USD+ on first day of trading on binance, 20X

Even if this does a quarter of that, that would be lovely


This will likely get listed on Bithumb first or very quickly after.


It’s a very interesting project. I think this is an example of ICON sending out project managers to different teams. At least you know there’s potential for long term viability since it’s backed by ICON and theloop. I think there can be some good gains to be made here from an ICO flip, but you wouldn’t be left out if you’re holding long term. Have to think about win win scenarios.


Will there be a pool ^^

1k is a bit over my budget (except if I find some RL people of course)


Looking pretty good i’m gonna check more info on it
Maybe i’m gonna wait for the public sale would see


Question: why is it not on the ICX platform? (ICO) If you have such partners and advisors, it’s weird not to run it there…


“In terms of what well fits our ecosystem was the hyperledger; We are partnered with blockchain and crypto experts who will guide us to make this blockchain project come into realization.”

Quote from one of the TG admins on use of hyperledger over theloop/icon.


Or it might not as they might think it is a conflict of interest, the same way icx is not on coinone


Why would there be a pool, did it say that you need to put minimum 1000 USD?


good question, interesting to hear ppls thoughts on this question


I’ve put this forward to @limes who runs the ICO syndicate with a bunch of the pub members. If we can get into the presale for this it will be a huge win.

Either way, I’m going big on this aswell, 20 Eth if I can get that sweet presale discount


Yeah, according to Duttydirtz