Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



i didn’t see anything that peter said about bezant

where are you guys getting this? @peter


I know, I hate to bring up a sore subject but I am curious as well! :woman_shrugging:


It’s probably best to never refer to an off hand comment he made about bezant in a random video, he has said dozens of times he doesn’t invest in ICOs

To the extent he is booking a bezant guest, that’s so crustydutz can get the hype train some gas…

Trying to pin a comment to him then make him own it is full retard


It was funny…I laughed and I hold that Bezzy.


Hans did you buy any Bezz?

Thanks for the explanation. I have a good idea of what happened now and I’m satisfied with the tier 1 pub gossip.


lol. :ok_hand:



Hey peter just directed his audience to the pub and the bezant thread
that’s a clever shill in my books if it was intentional or not as long as people hear about it and look into it for themselves


Yes, I bought 30,000


lol all this drama over nothing haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello from Bezant Team! [June 15th, 2018]

This is our first official update on Bezant Official Announcement Channel.

First, we would like to update that the team is hard at work on the following:

  1. Platform Development. We are forming key partnerships that’ll help to fast-track our development process in order to keep up with our milestones commitment.
  2. Marketing. Blockchain Expo 2018 is kicking off spades of exciting ongoing marketing activities.
  3. Business Development. We are in the process of signing some exciting agreements that would entail real-world usage of our products at launch. We will discuss this in more details once we cleared all legals.

In addition to updates, we also have following announcements we’d like to share:

  1. Community Q&A. Version 1.0 of the short Q&A will be published to Bezant Medium blog next week.
  2. Exchange. We have been getting a lot of questions about the exchanges. Please keep in mind that larger exchanges also have compliants they adhere to. Then there’s matter of timing (or rather optimal timing). In order to list with aforementioned exchanges, Bezant need to also stick to the same rules which govern them. The extent to which we can say at this point is that we are hard at work on this and we think you’ll be pleased when more details come to light.
  3. Community Incentive Campaign. We will announce the first campaign around the time of the Blockchain Expo 2018. We take special care to direct this first campaign at our loyal members first.
  4. Blockchain Expo Giveaway. To celebrate our official coming out party at Blockchain Expo, we’re going to do a special event for our community members. We will announce detail for it next Monday 5pm Korean Time.

As always, we always value your input and your support. Thank you.


Bezant Core Team


I don’t own any and the interview fell through (as he never got back to me)…


Well… who is “he”? @Duttydirtz? I thought he was negotiating with Bezant regarding the interview?


The contact at Bezant most likely. @Duttydirtz has been running around trying to make connections and over-communicates. Bezant team appears to be very busy, maybe some internal decision to keep interviews until after the official community Q&A, though I wish the team would have communicated that to @peter rather than no response.


yeh that kinda suck just to leave people hanging, i was looking forward for an interview


Shitm sell sell sell. You not got any bezant peter ?


Yep… it sucks for sure… I know that @Duttydirtz was working as hard as hell on it to make this interview a reality. Hey, time to move on and keep on HODLING.


Guys calm down its all good. New projects are obviously extremely busy which is why the communication has been slow. They send their apologies.

They’ve just got back to me with a proposed date for the interview and I’ve relayed this back to our dogelord. Peter doesn’t have time to be going back and forth with these guys as he’s a busy man which is why i’ve offered to do it.

Will confirm details soon. We will get there


Peter’s into the meta level game. He doesn’t spend his time combing through every whitepaper and team. He’s focused on bringing bitcoin and cryptocurrency to the masses.


Peters portfolio is like 96% BTC, 3% ETC, 0.99% NEO and 0.01% LTC



99%+ BTC plus ICX, ADA, and IOTA which are DCA material.

I’m going to interview Bezant on June 27-28 :bezant: :smile: