Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



We’ll make it dance in the upcoming weeks


Really struggling with where to dump my fiat…Bezant, Zilliqa or ICX. I know all three are great but for the best returns, what to, what to do.


I’ve read the Q2 progress report, and since it seems that the team is prioritizing the asian market at first…

It would make sense that the next exchange that lists BZNT will be one that covers the asian market? or do we have that allready covered with the Bibox exchange?

For obvious reasons i still think Bithumb will list the token at some point.
Other than that i’d like to see any of these exchanges listing BZNT:


Whats your take on the next exchange listing? :wink:


Appreciate the love but this isn’t about me brothers…

We are a team :muscle:


I shit you not, I just withdrew my bezant from Bibox and now look at the price. I had a pretty big bag


Wow. That’s some weird sh*t.


Just checked though and price change is only on Fatbtc though, so must not be related but was definitely weird lol.


Either way, just goes to show how quick the game can change. Good days ahead


Who even uses FATBTC though. Basically no one. Scam exhange and their volume is fake. CMC need to take the FATBTC data out


Can someone inform me on this bezant bibox airdrop?


looks like pump & dump to me.


Sell it all :chart_with_downwards_trend:


It’s crazy how they are so far off from other exchanges.


i’m lucky ,someone fill my bag at 0.00015 sat :grin:


That’s priced in ETH, not BTC though, right?


of course… ETH fatbtc their bot looks stupid ,big dump then they fill it


Just bought more ICX, BZNT, ONT, and ELA. LESSS GOO



WTF fatbtc fill my bag again… Lets me test.If it can withdraw successfully,i think fatbtc is a good place to get more bezant…


Were you able to withdraw?


yes,but it only allow me to withdraw 0.1btc .I need three to four days to withdraw all my token.By the way,take your risk.Many people said fatbtc have fake volume It’s correct but they want to pump and attract more people to use their platform.