Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



So depositing it into an ETH address… means that its ETH? so if I want Bznt coins I have to transfer that over to bitthumb and trade it for Bznt? how does it work?


I’m not too sure man, i just used trust wallet and coppied the bezant adress


No it’s not ETH, it’s on ETH network and all tokens on ETH network have the same address.


So I cant use an ETH deposit address for Bezant… this is what I thought…


Yes, they are the only type of addresses that exist for Bezant until such time as they leave the ETH network. Like ICX and others.


I don’t understand this… how does it distinguish between being ETH and Bezant?


from the contract address that created the Bezant tokens.


You should take a look at Trust when you get a chance.

The address you have for all tokens on the ETH network have a single address. Same for any tokens using the ETC network.

It’s all done with contract addresses.

Trust is an “Ethereum wallet” but now supports BTC, LTC and a host of other blockchains, including ICON. Told the guys to rename their app to reflect it’s not only ETH and it’s not a wallet. They are not interested.


So I have deposited it to an ETH address I have on exodus… I am guessing that doesn’t work the same way …



Yes it works the same.

There is only one ETH network so all wallets have to fundamentally work the same.


@Crash101 this should help you out mate




@CryptoPunkUK nice one man… understand now…cheers… awesome @Blynker


This is amazing stuff… this was something I was completely unaware of…

We should perhaps make this point more publically out there as if I don’t know there will be lots out there that also don’t know.



Another great partnership announced :raised_hands:


Just received my 300 bezant for the bezant wallet testnet :tada:


Bezant have just released a YT video showcasing some behind the scenes of both Bezant & Jehmi, talks with CEO and developers and such…great insight :+1:


I noticed Binance has now dropped the term “Ethereum” on the home page for the Trust “wallet” at https://trustwallet.com/. It is now a “Secure Multi Coin Wallet”. So we are half way there and hopefully one day they will change “wallet” to CDAC (Cryptographic Digital Asset Controller) :slight_smile:


Nothing beats a frist released


A little bit more volume ? Yes please :fire:


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