Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



This news. + 15 July report…BOOM


@HarryvdV @Duttydirtz the look on your faces when you find out this exchange listing haha


That’s really nice! Please let us know how it is. :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone know what pairing it will have ?




This is good news, I would have preferred more marketing before then but I think this is a good start. I definitely didn’t want binance during this bear market plus for binance you need more promotion so people know about the project.

The trading competition sounds OK.

Note that it says all participants with over 1000 tokens will get an airdrop anyway which is decent. Let’s send out tokens over and get this party started!


Awesome ! I got some stuff left on bibox which i will trade for more Bezant :chart_with_upwards_trend::money_mouth_face:


What do you think about the listing?


great news with this listing, and this free airdrop for holders of at least 1000 bezant is a great bonus…

I’ll have to create an bibox account :slight_smile:


Wait for my referral code bro :smirk:


Bro send me your referral code too. I will also create an account :+1:


Just signed up for it. Site looks pretty clean. Hope the user experience and customer service are as well!


Do we need to do ID verification for deposits and withdrawals on Bibox?


Looks like they are doing it same way as Binance. Up to 2BTC daily no verification. Needed to get up to the 20BTC daily withdrawal tier though.


OK appreciate it bro I’ll send it soon.


Good start for sure. + the hype of 15 July report might bring some more attention to project

Either way, it’s excellent news.

It’s currently a bear market though. So the price could pump and the drop again after 15 July. I don’t know


So is everyone moving there full stack to bibox?

I’m a little confused is there a airdrop besides the trading comp. will the airdrop be based on your holdings or only 1000 or more?


As i read it you are eligble for this airdrop if you hold at least 1000 bezant tokens in your account… then you will recieve a random drop of 1-5000 bezant…

If im wrong, please correct me :slight_smile:


Finally we have a official exchange platform to trade.Say good bye to idex LOL


Guys please use this invite for Bibox

Help a brother out with referral bonus


Thank you