Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Beat me to it. I registered but now says my email or password or wrong so tried to reset it says email is the wrong format! Not good start!

Some use Keys and Others use my referral when I’m able to get it :wink:


oh i have registered since the announcement about bibox.


it’s alright… :). good luck tomorrow when it gets listed… to the MOOON!!!

for others who have not registered please use this invite link to Bibox to help a brother out with referral bonus

https://www.bibox.com/signPage?id=11424649&lang=en 1


thats strange? - i’ve just tried to create an account, but also get this error…

really strange, now i accomplished to get the account locked for the next 2 hours, haha… there must be something wrong on their side, as i 100% sure about the credentials i’ve used…


Yeah me too. Did you use your phone as the only thing I could think of. Can’t get to my computer yet


bam nice well done ozzy!


y00000, 20% up y0000 haha


Haha, I’m happy with it, but expected it as well, as they announced partnership, it felt like a logical next step


Bibox is not even top 5 exchange

Just getting started here


I’ve seen coins go up more than 20% in bear market, so that is no indication


I’m not moving it, i’m keeping my coins in my cold storage wallet and wait till it hits binance and other exchanges before i sell any


guys make sure we give dutty also some love in addition to keys


No actually not, i have a dedicated Crypto PC for that… i never use my phone for trading


I’m not selling till at least peter did a video and lark and a couple of others.

I’d like to see it on 3-4 other exchanges like kucoin and others + binance


Come on guys, use my referral :wink:

I’m lining up good interviews for you all!



The circulating supply went up ?


I’ve used Bibox off and on since Fusion $FSN was listed. It has some quirks, but FSN deposit and withdrawl hasn’t been an issue. Their “AI-Enhanced” may have a hand in keeping price relatively stable up and down, and as long as there isn’t a huge scandal in the future, $BZNT will benefit on the platform before listing elsewhere. Anyone know the terms of the Bibox deal? Any timed exclusivity clause?


Rank 213 y’all, soon we’re cracking 150 and then 100 and then top 50 and then top 30. We’re coming for y’all.


agree, give our boy dutty some love y’all


What’s everyone’s plans for the listing? Hope people won’t be taking profit too early.

These interviews I have set up are gonna increase exposure and that’s what matters short to medium term. Hopefully coincides with a Binance or Bithumb then boom we moon baby!