Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



I’m not taking any profits, i’m waiting for the videos to come out from peter + lark + 2-3 other youtubers + 3 exchanges + binance or bithumb


Rank 212, tomorrow within 200



Not taking profits either. Will take out my principal around 4-5x.


Holding until we control the market. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Sentinel Protocol tanked big time after it’s listing on Bibox. But I have good hope for our precious Bezant. :bezant:


“I’m not fucking selling”


Yes Im not getting my hopes up. It could very well dump.

I’m going for the airdrops though :wink:


Same here! We got exchange and airdrop. And at the moment I didn’t expect it to happen yet. I’m happy for the exposure Bezant will get from this.


Yes sometimes listings aren’t a good thing so let’s keep calm and expect all possibilities.

However, I think in a few months time this will not be a worry. Exposure will keep coming. After these interviews I expect other youtubers to do their own reviews and it snowballs from there :pray:


Who knows, it might dump, but not sure if it will, even if it does in the weeks following it’ll go up higher as more exchanges will come.


Once its on that exchange I’ll contact CMC to ensure they add it, @Duttydirtz and others, if you do the same, they might prioritise it

Rank 209 atm


haha look at that idex volume go :), 10,5 cents


Do you think we can expect a interview in the coming weeks? Thanks again for your hard work man! :pray:


Yes in the coming weeks. Hopefully Peter’s one is soon but they’re trying to sync diaries so not always easy as both are busy bees


Would anyone be willing sell me some BZNT directly? I cant afford to buy the minimum amount on idex but would really like to get in. Can it even be done that way?


I bought the first part of my share earlier today. If it dumps, I’m ready to buy more to lower my average and HODL it until at least seeing $1B market cap. That’s my strategy for Bezant :brain:


Name your price brother I’m sure someone will sell to you.


Let’s hit 1$ with strong support at 50c tomorrow :wink:


I must have been doing something wrong, they are saying its only a 25$ minimum to invest.