Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



I’m surprised there’s a minimum!


Me too. There are no minimums on binance. They are saying something about gas prices. What fucking computer uses GAS??? lmao


I don’t see bezant hitting 5$. Convince me why I’m wrong lol


Gas is used by the ethereum network to process a transaction.

Weird but there’s got to be proof of work and a few to pay


Ask not what Bezant can do for you but what you can do for Bezant!


I understand the use case etc. Where my knowledge falls down is why would this constitute coin value ?


Bloody hell Stu I thought you were joking!

If the network if big enough then the demand will increase the price. For a while, like most projects, it will be speculation that will determine the price.


Great, xfered my stuff over to trade, tells me to unlock my wallet. Now I cant seem to find the damn key file.


I believe in the team and fundamentals of the project. I know that will cause value to rise.

I just don’t fully understand why other than people buying as investments


5 USD is like 2,5 billion market cap? ADA hit 30 billion in I think 1-3 months or so, so for sure possible as ADA had no working product.


That is the bit that just flabbergasts me. I have no doubt my bezant stack will fund 20k icx for me for my final moon mission. BUT its just the market makes no logical sense and the person I am mean it drives me nutz
. I always look for logic in chaos


I’d expect similar exchanges to pick up bezant, that picked up icon in the early stage meaning:

okex, huobi, upbit, gate.io, hitbtc, coss and then eventually binance and bithumb in the end


don’t worry there is no logical in cryptos, so don’t look for it :slight_smile:


I’m not wired like that. My mother says I’m on the spectrum lmao


So I have 0.06 eth on there, and no matter what its saying I I dont have enough in my wallet to buy. Not having good luck here. lol


Well there it is, I was able to buy 250. better than nothing!


What’s that price in usd bro?


Basically like 30$ , I took out when I had invested in TRX for the time being. Atleast get invested in something thats doing something for once.


That’s based on 500k supply which is wrong so it’s just above half that figure now.


I meant how much per coin :joy: that’d move the price a bit if it were 30usd each