Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



I dont even know to be honest, I did it as a market order. .00021913 ?


from the looks of it, I maybe should have waited for it to dip back down. We shall see…


Not she’s buddy but like you say at least you’re in now. Think you got market rate which is roughly 10cents so ico price minus the bonus. Can’t go too wrong with that mate


Thats not too bad. Wish I could have gotten in at fractions of a penny.


When it hits 10$ you will be like wish I got more at $5


Will that be years end?


Fractions of a penny? :joy:


I see alot of stocks that are like $.0001 . Would have loved to be invested at that price.


I’ll be sipping Blue Aliźe on my yacht by then big man!


Yeah but they have 300 trillion coins circulating


There is one I am going to invest in. Its called CV car vertical. Basically car fax on blockchain. its about $.0002 right now. Hoping this one goes up tho.


Don’t know that one. However I get the logic.

I remember Mcafee once said it’s easier for a 10m market cap coin to double to 20m than it is for a multi billion dollar coin to double.

That works out very well in bull markets. At the end of last year you could big any shitcoin with a low price and it’ll moon for no reason other than it was cheap.

Bulls will come back bro. Fuck the bears


Well thats what we are all hoping for. I don’t really know about btc reach 60k, but would really love for it to atleast goto 15k, that would make all our investments almost triple. Not asking for too much lol.


Man I don’t know. I watch a lot of YouTube vids and the sentiment is good. Things are happening and I am confident but the prices are manipulated so bad anything could happen. We need the bull whales to move the price up and set these bears on fire.

Trust me if we were in full bull market right now there’s no reason why Bezant couldn’t go to 5usd end of year.


Well I keep seeing stuff that says we are do for a market crash. That sort of thing makes me nervous. The other thing too is like, if BTC were to go up, what would stop people from selling off to recoup losses and = it out so it doesn’t really go up much as it could.


LOL that’s the fun thing you see people saying oh there might be a crash with scares lot of people so they sell so other people can buy cheaper


I mean I just started investing, and somewhat blindly too. Maybe need to research more myself lol.


It might go down again but crypto isn’t going anywhere so if you can handle it just hodl and you’ll be fine. Even better if you can learn to trade and take advantage of these turbulent times!


It definitely doesn’t hurt to do your own research


mailing coinmarketcap now to ensure they are adding bibox to bezant