Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Too Moony/Sanctuary Church lol. Sean Moon would be wise to exchange some of his stockpiled BTC for some BZNT though!


Check the withdrawl cost, you may lose some BZNT in fees (in case you’d prefer not to hodl 1001 BZNT at Bibox) if you aren’t “lucky” enough to claim something worth your time.


I try every once in a while. I work a labor job during the day, hard to check my phone.


Trading, be it swing trading or day trading, is an all or nothing endeavor. Do it on your off time when you have hours of uninterrupted concentration. Paper trade for a while before you begin trading for real. You work too hard for too little to be risking your nest egg.


Rank 207, soon within 200


Alright guys 11:23 gmt+8.

Token finally showed up on the deposit page but the button is inactivated
Can’t deposit bznt on bibox yet

Update: 11:50 gmt+8

Alright boys tokens transfer/deposit successful. It’s all on there ready to trade in 4.5 hours

Good luck


deposited to the bibox account


how many block confirmations did it take?


twenty something 5-10 mins


NVM, I got it. Wasn’t showing up when I clicked hide small balances


ah man. Cant set my sell orders prior to kick off. I gotta leave office at 9am grr.

FYI sell orders are only backup incase this shit goes intergalactic


trade opens @ 0.09$ … what a shame really


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Maybe they want to incentivise people to buy there over the alternatives, lets see how it goes :slight_smile:


it really doesn’t look like anyone is willing to pay more than ICO price, it went as low as 0.07$ already and there aren’t a lot of trades. oh well, enough with the FUD it’s been barely 15 minutes :joy: let’s check back later in August when Binance


So you could make 30% if you arbitrage?


As this project gets more attention/exposure, people will buy… im pretty sure the team will do some marketing when they are ready for that…

Bezant still have a great dedicated team with a lot of expertise :bezant:


Well that was a flop lpl


Surely you didn’t expect much to happen?

Listing is good once the project is known but at least it’s there to provide liquidity.

All in good time brother.


Give it some time, you’re so impatient, its only be available for 3,5 hours