Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange






i contacted coinmarketcap again to add the bibox exchange to bezant, thats 6 pairings now (without bilaxy), once we get to 10 I think it’ll go up quite a bit, like COSS, kucoin, upbit, coinone etc


FYI, don’t use “special characters and punctuation marks” in your Bibox password when you’re registering, the page won’t warn you but when you try to log in, it won’t work and you’ll need to reset your password.


rank 201, about to enter the 200 and then afterwards 150



thats better than bibox. its at .00019 there


Does anybody else really like Bibox? I feel it’s an exchange with a lot of potential. Might be worth buying a few of them while waiting for Bezant to take off haha. Feels a bit like when RPX released on Kucoin. Dead for a few months and then took off when it hit Binance. Let’s see!


What’s the withdrawal fee on bibox?


Bibox looks slick! It also has a mobile app. It offers some staking options as I understand. You can pay the trading fees with Bibox’s own token too like Binance. Low volume and the variety of trading pairs is the only downside for me so far.


@HarryvdV we should team up and win this airdrop competition! Send your stack to my address and we can split the 30k BZNT once competition ends!


Hahah, these awards are peanuts in the mid to learn term :slight_smile:


Just got confirmation from coinmarketcap:

Our support rep has indicated that your request has been resolved. Please note that it may take some time for the changes to be reflected on the website.

I requested them to add bibox to the markets for bezant.


30k tokens that’s like 30k usd bro!



Plus we need more markets!

I want COSS, gate.io, Kucoin, Upbit, hitbtc, Coinone, okex to start with and then binance and bithumb


it ain’t nothing but a scratch haha


Shit man. But a scratch. Wish I could say that bout 300 let alone 30000


you can, coz money isn’t everything, your health is your most important


Don’t talk to me about health lmao. I got 2 projects on the go. Gonna try dating again and crypto. God knows how to fit it all in with work and being single full time dad. Money would help tho :slight_smile:


crypto is true love hehhe


More reliable then the women I have known. And yes that includes the great dip of 2018 lol