Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



More reliable then the women I have known. And yes that includes the great dip of 2018 lol


I think harry got long term plans, Bert.

30k is like a drop in the bucket not worth his time
And energy to do the trading competition

Harry is
Eyeing. At least 10-20x


I know we are plankton to this Whale :whale:

Keys do we have to trade to qualify? I’ve deposited all my tokens and sold a cheeky 1 BZNT. You reckon that’s enough?


When do they take the snapshot for the airdrop ?


During the event, We will rank the BZNT trading users according to the net holdings(recharge-withdraw)+(buy in- sell out):

I am thinking that it is a total of bought and sold tokens.


Bezant had shit timing on Ico and now it’s got shit timing getting onto an exchange the day the market goes south again…


For air drop you don’t have to trade. However, for the trading competition you may have to trade 1 bznt may be ok

I traded 10k tokens already


Yeah I agree they should’ve predicted the future better Lol

It’s not about this Mickey Mouse exchange anyway it’s about getting on to more exchanges and eventually binance


I asked the Bibox exchange and forwarded this to Bezant TG:

Basically, you need to have enough BZNT to qualify. That’s it.


To qualify for airdrop only correct?


Lol it read like I thought it was thier bad, but I meant they had random bad timing, however people do routinely move ipos and ICOs to accommodate market conditions … not suggesting in the least they should have …

Wish I’d have doubled my Ico contribution I’m also super long

My only point was, they got unlucky twice


So I have a measly stack of.about 14k BZNT, but I pointed both of my etherium miners at my Bibox etherium wallet so I should be able to trade for an additional 1K per week give or.take depending on the exchange.rate. I just keep imagining what it was like to get in on some of these other projects early and I am bound and determined not to miss the boat on this one.


still working on a meeting… on them.


Oh said the timezone is a bit of an issue. You’re both busy!

I know many of us will be very grateful if you can make it happen :pray:


Shit happens, the market will in the end go up :slight_smile:


is it legal to participate in ICO if US citizen?


depends on the ico perhaps

but i think in general US can’t

but bznt is no longer in ico


No it’s not illegal but most ico’s will avoid the US like the plague due to uncertainty surrounding the regulators stance on Ico’s and crypto.

Just in case…


It went south literally the day I bought in… smh lol…


I made 1500 bznt trading about 10k lot from
My stash

Waiting for the opportunity to trade again