Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



no longer means it was ICO before?


yeah ico is already over…actually has been over for a while. You can buy it from exchange without restrictions


Now it is just waiting for more exchanges and some product dev announcement, next announcement is on the 15th of july


Im amazed there is such a low volume on Bibox now that there is actually an event going on :open_mouth:

Instead of moving my precious BZNT to bibox i decided to load up some more at these prices… :bezant::bezant: :sunglasses:


The big players are hiding.Once the price going down which they like , they buy all the cheap bags.


not too many people willing to sell at these prices, which makes sense


ahh makes sense, didn’t think of that :+1:


m buyin some… #whynot


Bought some more BZNT on Bibox, big sell walls though ! :chart_with_upwards_trend:


will get eaten over time :slight_smile:


Haha zeker weten ! The more Bznt the better :dancer:




Good to see that. Been thinking of getting more Zilliqa too.




Another huge drop, did I miss something?


I’m guessing people selling off after the listing pump


it is down 2% in the last 24h, maybe you should adjust your perception of huge, or do you think it is mooning when it is up 2%? :slight_smile:


Ow snap it is up 8% now, it is triple mooning baby :wink:


I think he’/she’s referring to the last 24hrs. When it dipoed to 7 dollars ish


Oh GaawDD, I wish I had more fiat to buy some more… 너무 싸다!