Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



I bought it while it was .0002250 , like 4 days ago. This morning showed a 28% drop on Idex. That was what I was referring too.


don’t look at idex :wink:


Holding the f out of my 1 cent over Ico bezant tokens


You mean hold until it reaches dollars?


I’m not suggesting anyone what to do, but I’m holding at least till Dec


Let’s see 15/7 what bezant team shows to us.My action planned in 15/7.It takes me so much time.I can use those money invest other good ico and project.


Not sure why they haven’t shared this on Telegram chat besides twitter. Seems they are appearing in another Blockchain event.


coz they are not great in marketing yet


:point_up: this :point_up:


Anyone familiar with these events. What exactley is a key sponsor?


It means we are paying for another food truck…


But let’s wait for the core team to respond…


Are they speaking or just sponsoring?


Giving away free food itself is a pretty good way of marketing for attendees :wink:

I wonder how they will move forward from there


Benzant is actually just a sham side Ico for the big guys at icon ensuring excellent food and beverage and good parties at all events without it ever being on the p&l for icon…

Ya, I used to think bezant was legit too


I’m wondering the differences between the types of sponsor types; Key sponsor seems like a pretty big deal. Hopefully they are launching Jehmi - seems too coincidental to me (progress report on 15th, within 2 days they are key sponsoring this event). Strategic marketing is what it sounds like, but I am probably wrong


Pretty early to make those kind of assumptions. Just strap in for the ride, or if you already sold, keep watching from the sidelines


Bro u need a big bag of sense the sarcasm coin


Haven’t had my potcoin fix yet, in due time.


I’m mining vapetoken as we speak