Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Should have waited to buy my extra bags of Bezant, what a discount at the moment…

Unfortunally out of FIAT to buy more… :bezant:


:drooling_face: I think that the dump is caused by the Bibox competition end. At least I hope so.


Hihi, I’ve been out of fiat for ages, ah well :slight_smile:


I’m just waiting a couple of months till they add more exchanges


Yep, me too! These months could not come any faster. I’m thinking Dec-Jan when I reevaluate my position. By that time we can at least see the real progress from the Bezant team (and hopefully some bulls running).


Now im just exited to see how big the airdrop bag will be :+1:


nice price atm (to buy) :beetconnect:


It appears Icon holders are paying for the after party drinks & Molly. Looks like fun


I’m just here to support core devs Coke habit cuz it’s a win win


Anyone here that is attending this summit?


How’s bibox? Is this a decent exchange? I see bznt at $0.061


No volume but easy to use.


no idea, I’m too lazy to sign up, plus I wasn’t planning on selling any bezant, and I think with my many people which is why the volume is low :slight_smile:


Bibox is decent, don’t hesitate to sign up


Isn’t that the first one to arrive at the event and the last one to leave as he has to unlock and lock the door?


@K_Godel what are your thoughts on the Bezant project?


0.0570$ Bezant. Wow.


It’s trading bot… People are filling .


BZNT is on short list of smaller caps to research further, but seems solid from folks involved.


Ahh… It’s fine…

Seriously, tho, the whole market is down. But if you can trade, it’s your chance to fill those bags even more. I, personally, would HODL.
Strong hands.