Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Solid folks have made many failing businesses or products. Google is a solid company. I dont see anyone wearing Google goggles.



it is great that people can buy at these prices, but I don’t think they are that realistic coz of the limited volume, so im just chilling on the side lines waiting for the exchanges to list bznt


Yeah no doubt on my end, definitely not worried. 30 million, 15 million, 7 million, doesn’t matter to me. It will bounce quick when we are on our way up! They were able to raise more money in one hour than the current marketcap is sitting at. Pretty crazy. Like its been said before, no one wants to sell at a loss and there is no volume at the moment. I’m pretty stoked for August after reading that article earlier today


I bought another stack of ICX without checking where BZNT was trading, missed a big opportunity to reduce my cost basis, but the volume would have taken me all day to buy the equivalent stack at the right price. Oh well, bought my ICX at a bad time. My timing sucks. :disappointed_relieved:


Godel do you hold any BZNT? Appreciate all your input. Always very sound.

Edit: I misread your post. I see it is on your short list to research further, so safe to assume you don’t have any yet :slight_smile:


being traded for $0.037 at Fatbtc :man_shrugging:t2:


omg, what’s going on? :sweat:


I’m not quite sure I follow your logic.


Seems to be a lot of early BZNT holders that want to unload there bags even with a loss… i really never thought we would see the price this low, unless BTC would fall way lower…


I don’t own BZNT, but it seems promising enough to research. It’s in a basket of about 15 or so smaller cap names I need to research. I’ve been asked a few times in this thread for further thoughts on it but I can’t speak out of ignorance.


So, time to load up then?
I would personally wait for a week, when their Official Progress Report comes out. And then I shall see wether I should load up or HODL the bag that I already have.



ICO price was approx $0,077 (bonus included) - so there is a pretty awesome discount going on…

Personally i have a pretty good feeling with the bezant project as a lot of others from the pub, but im not here to convince you… take your time to research :slight_smile:


I’ve loaded my bags at ICO and twice later, first on IDEX and then on bibox… with an average of approx 1200 sats… unfortunally i have no more fiat to spend, if i had i was ready to load up some more, haha - you can never get too much BZNT :bezant: :sunglasses:


Everyone on this thread…


Just playin’ with ya. I’m just salty that I bought into ICX at $6 :sweat_smile::sob::joy:


At Fusion TG chat community took an action against Bibox by withdrawing their FSN tokens from the exchange. They suspect that Bibox is trading with their tokens and manipulates the price.
This is probably also happening with the BZNT price.
In my opinion, this makes sense because there was Prize Rewarding from 2018.07.05 11:00 - 2018.07.10 11:00 and the main condition is to hold BZNT tokens as much as possible at the exchange.
Manipulation is likely to continue due to low liquidity same as what happens with Fusion (FSN).
Withdraw your tokens to prevent manipulation. They are safer on your wallet than on any exchange anyway.


im just waiting for the airdrop tokens, then i’ll move my tokens away :slight_smile:


Yep… Could be. But BZNT team is in partnership with Bibox. They even got the money from them.
Hmm… Anyway… We all know that this market is manipulated… Right?
I’m with @BulletEyeDK on this one. Get the airdrop and get out.


I’m already out. This is a stitch up. Bezant price has taken a massive battering since being on bibox. Yeah the markets down, but bezant has been smashed


Some people are taking this really badly. It’s sad to see, we are all in this for the positive feels but I can understand why people are feeling down right now.

I don’t personally think the fault lies with the project or any exchange. Even a Binance listing and competition right now will have minimal effect on the price.