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When you sometimes are at a party and tell a story, do you notice that people drift off and have an expression on their face of what the fuck is this cunt talking about? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Johnny that blue looks great on you



4,05 cents



As Nancy Reagan said, just say no to drugs. Jesus



That sounds like a personal problem, that only Harry would know about. :slight_smile: This concept is completely foreign to me. No, the people gravitate naturally. They laugh, they smile, they reciprocate the energy. If not, it doesn’t matter, because it’s not about me. Many times, people only see things from their perspective. I am capable of seeing stories from many different perspectives, and it doesn’t bother me or my face. It’s a beautiful process really. I enjoy it. I am taking my medicine again, seeing the pros, and also practicing creative writing. I think creative energy is therapeutic for all of us. If they don’t have the courage to do so, they stand at afar and discretely eavesdrop on my discussion while neglecting their own (I mean in the room, or wherever). Sometimes I sense bewilderment, or maybe surprise? Can you read minds? I can. I can read the face and body language. Sometimes the energy is saying, “hm, maybe he isn’t as stupid as he looks or seems at first”. What can I say? I’m different. Again, its just my perspective. I don’t really know what other people are thinking. However, I can sort of feel, sense, and notice all of that while “talking” to one person who is gettting that focused attention because I am a social empath, and so I like to believe I can also convey the message to everyone in the area with my energy, body language, enthusiasm and concentric perspective. Are you aware of how you affect public spaces? I would bet so. Of course, its all in my head. You’re partially right, in that many people don’t usually understand, but thats just a matter of statistics in that my thinking is above 99% of others. That’s okay with me. I am accustomed to that. I enjoy it. Due to stats and other data, I am supposed to experience challenges in communication. (Challenges are opportunities to develop super powers because we can hyperfocus on overcoming the challenge by developing serious skills, for example I think John has had people tell him things about the way he communicates or connects with others but he is clearly and expert because he has put in the work to practice those things) Personally, I have been able to learn 5 languages fluently, and a few others in some basic words that are important to me. So, if people are confused I can try another language (verbal or not). You know, different methods of communication. Sequestration works best for some. I like to think I am an excellent speaker. Don’t we all? I’ve been complimented on that from a young age consistently through adolescence and into my adulthood. They say I am going to do great things. Thanks for asking the thought provoking question and reminder :smiley: Perhaps I will go to party tomorrow or this weekend and experiment. Sometimes I am aware of people’s comment or reactions but I just choose to ignore them because they are not necessarily important to me. People will think what they think, from their… I just want to practice radical transparency. I care, and I also don’t care. Live is about balance. It’s all sort of vain and meaningless in the end. Maybe not. Your comment reminds me of Socrates, but I wouldn’t call him that. I also experience human error and crisis as does any other human being. I love your sense of humor. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Oh shit, I think someone had a personal party in front of the mirror earlier…? What… the… lol! You are a master of education, Harry. You have many gifts, sir. Did you just see what I just saw? … … … … … LOL!

Ps. You know how it goes Harry, literally “All Eyes on Me”. Until they aren’t. Then they are again. Then they aren’t… lol. “When you’re here, I’ll be quiet. But when you’re gone, I’ll be talking again”. Sometimes I am just in the party and nobody wants to talk to me. That is fine with me too, I enjoy my time alone, and sometimes I just need some time to think.


I’m sober. Thanks for the sound advice brother man. Ironically, this afternoon, after seeing the professionals, I picked up two random books in a bookstore today, flipped them open randomly and both of them were on pages talking about Mr. Reagan. The text spoke to me. Oh, the ways of the world.

Ps. Does coffee count?


Brother I didn’t mean to cast aspersions with that remark, but you give James Joyce a run for his money! Be well.


bam! another partnership


another great partnership, they have a pretty strong portfolio, with some big names:


Yoooooooo, any percieved potential aspersions are self directed as I reflect and I am trying to be conscious of this psychological phenomenon of people projecting their own percieved issues on to others. I didn’t mean to cast either. I do say no. I’m also mental. Is that a real psych thing, or did I just make that up? I didn’t come up with that theory :wink: hehehe just kidding man. It’s like a tennis match or something. I enjoy talking smart. Or, at least trying to. I like the way you think, and I can appreciate your sense of humor too. Thanks for the communication, I’ve had a Eureka moment, and moment of clarity on some personal matters I’ve been pondering. I appreciate the references as they’re all very relevant to reoccuring themes in the last 24 hours. Either, you have been surveilling me, perhaps with (nano)tech, I think you have a gift for clairvoyance, or its goes back to the fractal thing, so many people, so many variables, but what is the probability that you would hit two important factors pertaining to the last 24 hours of my life back to back? A sort of butterfly effect. You pilot you. (Flat earth theory injection, jk, jk, lol!) They’re not so common in everyday life, but today they came up again, and again, and again… So what is the lesson here? What must I learn? As a geographer, seeker of truth, knowledge, and wisdom, I would be a fool not to consider a sort of connection here… A physicist was recently explaining how all living systems are interconnected, and I appreciate that as a Geographer because what seems plain sight and obvious to me in a geospatial connection is not apparent nor percieved by others. It is amazing how we can train our minds to think. What an amazing electrosomething, that finds apparent meaning in something that for someone else had no meaning. Someone else might say that I am psychotic. However, I needed this information today. This is how I think. Thank you so very much for the references, and the well wishes. I am going through one of the hardest timest of my life right now, all Bezant aside. Bezant is chilling. I just made a decent write up to respond to JohnnyTurbo’s private message in regards to price action here. I can allow it to double back up in USD price in a week. I did it twice in October. Damn, y’all just social engineer haxxed me to spill the beans. I’ve been wanting to say, but I didn’t think y’all had earned the info yet, especially with so many naysayers and doubters. I’ll just say, I allow the green days. I’m proud of it. My pride got the best of me. I admit it. I’m happy y’all can know though. Perhaps more the merrier, sometimes not. This is why I can laugh at Harry laughing at me… I respect his oG status, we’re both relatively new to cryto. But I have made a system… I make all the red days, and I allow the green days. Harry mocks me… The irony. I love y’all. Florida’s state bird is… the mocking bird. Hehehe, I’m totally accustomed to it. Great minds often provoke this. Perhaps I should have never stopped taking my medicine, but I believe a cleanse is necessary for my body and the systems all connected in there. The human condition and human connection in social interactions is really awesome, amazing, and phenomenal. Life is good. One love. If only I knew then, what I knew now… Blase blase… Oh my goodness… I didn’t sleep last night, and now its 4:44 the next day, after. The time my first gf was born… lol… I just need to leave the blue light and go lie down. Life is just too exciting sometimes, even with the storms, trials, and tribulations. Oh goodness, I feel another Norse saga coming on… lol. I hope everyone is enjoying life. Enjoy the ups and the downs, its all life. We can choose too though, we are all cocreators. So much wow, so much amaze. Seriously.



what is going on here?


I usually stop reading messages that are longer than 2-3 lines unless written by john, peter or some other smart people (no offense to anyone else :wink: ), just don’t have the attention span to read through long pages of text knowing it is from people on a forum :slight_smile: so to answer your question, i have no idea :slight_smile:

Having said that Bezant nice and stable at 4,05 cents


Well I won’t even replay to him cuz he might reply back, and no thank You.

Please make him create a topic for himself.

“Dis ain’t yo diary…”



Announcement after announcement on their Twitter


Wtf is going on, Frorida lost his shit because Bezant mooned from 2c to 4c?

Jokes aside it’s been a good few weeks for Bezant!

ICO price soon?