Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



We’re past ICO price in ETH, going for USD price.


who cares about eth, eth is shit :slight_smile:




I’d say we’ll hit 4.4 in the upcoming 8 hours.


The irony. It’s amazing. Is this really a cryptocurrency?


Well, kind of. Before, and afterwards… It’s hard for some people to understand that. Another seer here. Thanks for being witness.


Yes, this is my forum and diary. I make the market. You’re just like another one of my bitches.


You lost your shit pal



Yes, yes I did. Thanks for caring. Wishing you a good weekend. Looing forward to next week :slight_smile:


No problem mate, irony is… I’m moving to Florida in 3 weeks. Will Bezant hit ICO USD price before?


Great! Welcome to Florida! I live in Gainesville and I am attending USF in Tampa. Let me know if you want to link up. I love going to Miami too. We have quite a few pub members from Florida and they had mentioned wanting to meet up. I am really busy with studies and work these days but we could meet up too if you want.

Bezant can hit ICO USD price in the next three weeks before you move to Florida. However, I will be shorting Bezant again next week, although I don’t have as much BZNT or USD as I did when I started the shorting experiment. I guess we will see what other people have learned since then. I have divulged some important secrets since then, and maybe other people smarter than me and with more capital want ICO USD price within the next three weeks. I still want $0.01 - 0.005 before the end of the year, project completion, or 4/19/19. Other people may want other things. Its a fractal environment. We can negotiate here, in back channels, or in the market.

Wishing y’all the best.


No need to be taking piss out of each other lads. Let’s try keep the thread focused on Bezant!


I feel you. Bezant is blockchain as a service. I am providing a service with Bezant until they finish their platform. Also, I am here to build the community. If i want to see the price, I go to coinmarketcap.com. I don’t come here to see what Harry posts… lol. I am the weather man.

Focus on Bezant, and get REKT. I encourage all of y’all to focus on whatever you want here and remember…

Is BZNT related to BTC, ETH, USD, USDT, or how I feel at all in any way? Yep! So, I will focus on all of those here too. I’ve already said it, and I will say it again. It’s all connected. Bezant has been sending me some nasty messages on other channels… lol. Fuck y’all too then. Come see me face to face… please. I treat others the way they show me that they want to be treated.

I am manic depressive. When I take my meds, I can influence the downfall of BZNT. When I don’t take my meds for a month, I fuck up hard, but I also lead the market to double back up twice. I’m taking my medicine again and I will be focused on continuing the trend. Of course, the past is not definite indication of the future.

We are going parabolic… it doesn’t matter though. Oh… or is that a cup and handle? Bull trap? Somebody, please tell me. You know what, nobody else seems to really know… So I will continue to do the telling. I love it when y’all know though, it makes me feel better. Sometimes the pressure of knowing all is… nah, its good.

Mad respect to the Bezant team for grinding out an awesome product while the funds are underwater. Very inspirational! I can only imagine how awesome everyone on that team is. They will definitely get what is coming to them when the time is right.

Please, someobody stop me.

Ps. Or wait, did they already get paid? What happened at launch again? lol! There are definitely winners and losers…

Check out all of the different game types! So sweet! I want to play all of them!


just the fact that you mention me is an honour, I appreciate that I have impact on peoples lives haha


Now that you started saying that you are manic depressive and take meds I feel sorry for you, I actually know a guy like you super brilliant, introvert, limited social skills. I actually now respect you.

I hope everything turns out ok with or without the meds.


As you said you were on meds I felt sorry for you so I went back to the long ass message you wrote without whitespace and just couldn’t get the attention span together to go through it, so I just scanned for my name. I mock you. There is this saying in german “was sich liebt neckt sich” look it up. I don’t mock people, except idiot, I just have some banter with people that I like (like you). Ask Stu, I fuck with him all the time, coz I think he’s a nice guy. But the other day he started crying about it, so I’ll just move on to somebody else that I like, like Dutty.

Flo don’t be sad I still love you. Ok, back to bezant, 5 cents before end of Nov.


good boy bezant :slight_smile:


I am still thinking about insider trading. If I wanted to buy a lot and at the same time wanted to go unnoticed, the trading chart would look like Bezant’s chart. Slow but sure growing line. It definitely adds optimism. :wink:


Oh likewise player, all press is positive press for a guy like me.


Thanks bud! I can’t live without my medicine! Y’all don’t know the half. I’ll try to keep it to myself.