Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



What was the ICO price?


.08 Cents USD after bonus


Might be able to pick up a few more coins once we can trade on binance


Wtf happened to this thread?

And harry its about crossing the line from banter to disrespectful. Unfortunately a lot of people (not just you) have a blurred line when it comes to this.


This seems appropriate. The pub was on to something!


We entered the top 200 also on coinmarketcap


shut up stu (banter, not disrespectful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


rank 144 on coinmarketcap for bezant, crushing it

10 cents before end of year


Very cool. It’s actually higher than it was when I first invested. Hope it keeps goin


There were 1928 Bezant wallets back in August - today there are 2328.
400 new wallets in less than 3 months. The guys are crushing it!


Not gonna lie, I got my coins from the community drop. Are the ones in the pub still due some more who did the competition?


they are still to be handed out, if i was bezant i’d take my time and do it after the exchange listing, to avoid that all the cheapos out there sell them


I’ll probably keep hold of these for a while tbh, it’s a boring but a pretty useful token. Has a few decent partnerships too.


Regret that I didn’t buy more when it was $0.025 a piece.
The trend has been reversed although the market is not moving much.



Another new partnership


Rank 192 :slight_smile: climbing climbing


How about a shout out for bezant on the next live stream big doge @peter


Dat growth, can’t wait for Bezant to be available on major exchange.



rank 184 and we broke 6 cents :slight_smile: