Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



That would indeed make sense, @peter paved the way for a fruitfull relationship between the pub and the Bezant team… :bezant::bezant:


That’s the word… you could add a couple more straight after it. :slight_smile:



Rank 181




rank 176


We have just touched 1k sato mark.


@HarryvdV with the bullish updates!

Appreciate it brother


Bezant passing Icon in price :joy::joy:

EDIT: I missed a zero, I’m an idiot :joy:


what is a 0 amongst friends


Dang how much more can this fly?!


Crypto Chico talking about Bezant, it will probably be listed soon on Bithumb ! :bezant::bezant::bezant:


Dammit now I have to wait for this short hype to die off a bit before I jump in for more. Any words from the team on more listings coming up?


at the moment they have only stated that they aim to list on a major exchange before the end of the year… :rocket::rocket:


Can the pub have a strategic partnership with Bezant so they have another one to add to the list? :grin:
I am curious if @peter has any bznt.


For everyone who wants cheaper Bezant, I’m sorry I failed. I failed myself. (Why won’t this new phone type myself?) wtf… lol.

I have to sit on the toilet when I read this thread now because it makes me want to shit. Sorry, tmi.

The good news is, my old laptop which is love, was $800. It got misplaced, which sucks. However, I ordered a new laptop with the same specs for $200! So, when I get that I can start shorting again :blush: still hoping for $0.01-0.02 BZNT before the end of the year so we can all accumulate more :smiley:

We live and we learn. I bought $600 worth of BZNT at that low range but I don’t have access to it now. I meant to invest $10,000 Friday the 19th of October so I missed out on this triple up since then and roughly $18k profit. So, anyone underwater, I feel for you. However, it is only a matter of time.

I won’t give up. When I get the right tool, I will continue shorting. I want cheap BZNT for the world! For the people with less money than us :slight_smile:

We all have our own plans :slight_smile:


a lot, because at one point it was 32 cents, so so much room just to get back to previous heights and beyond.


Haha, thats what somebody said at 5 cents and now it is 6-7.


they are going to list probably on 1 exchange in the next couple of weeks (before the end of the year), i think that itself will have a massive impact and probably more are coming in Q1 if you ask me, so bezant in my opinion a solid buy even under 10 cents, which was its ico price, it a current opportunity for people that didn’t participate in the ICO that think, ow shit I should have been in on the paypal of the blockchain


they have a strategic partnership, but im not sure if it is the best idea to put a pub as your partner on the web :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rank 175

we actually even hit 7 cents recently so I’m seeing this badboy go back to 7 later today and to 10 by end of this week.