Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



I am a failure. I can’t believe it.

Ps. Can I get 1,000,000 BZNT tokens airdropped to me? I quit shorting Bezant so y’all could get listed on Bithumb. lol! I will show my proof of trades.

Pss. No, wait, I am not a failure. Seriously, I have reason to believe that I have been targeted by the Bezant team and I have suffered from serious loss. Also, there is evidence of collusion and insider trading. Airdrop me my 1,000,000 BZNT tokens to the previously mentioned ETH address for the petty airdrop or I will be calling the SEC.

I have the best attorney in the State of Florida.

Bitconneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect! :bezant:

Psss. I am a Master of Science student in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. My thesis project has been performing accounting forensics on the Bezant project. I have substantial physical evidence of insider trading, and exchanges in unlawful jurisdictions. I am not bound to making this report, but I will do so if necessary.

Pssss. I can not make an account on Bithumb. No Korean in their right mind would buy this token on Bithumb.


you have to assume its going to dump like a MOFO. we’ll see in a few hours. bears have equalised the bulls over the last 3 hours.


I wouldn’t assume that, in most cases when coins list on bithumb they skyrocket

i’m not selling :slight_smile:


It’s about to happen, time for liftoff :rocket:


jup, it’ll be a good couple of days :slight_smile:



10000’s of USD worth of free bezant to pick up :slight_smile:


How do claim Harry? Can’t read Korean :joy:
Hope your keeping well old friend.


google translate, you think my korean is good? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m good buddy, you?


keep scrolling down there is a english version


Whales are joining the club


I can almost breathe. Someone throw my a float so I can stop drowning. :joy:

Great news



I think it just started trading on Bithumb



Aaaand it’s taking a shit


I just got booted format he bezant channel. What happeed



probably coz you’re acting the bollocks haha


i expected a bit of a dip, because more people will sell than buy in my opinion, for me it is about what will happen in the upcoming weeks (not what happens today) when more and more people start hearing about it.


correct… a lot of tokens have come into circulation… actually 48 million extra tokens vs. yesterday



worldcoinindex now 83! w0000t, we cracked the top 100, now the fun starts