Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Nice to see it holds stable at 5,8, good stuff


How much did you lose? You sound extemely deseparate. Dont try to manipulate the market with your words. and why can’t you make an account on Bithumb? makes no sense.


Of course as expected some people sold off on the new exchange, but it has been stable at 5,8 the whole day and now we are top 22!


that volume is massive…


its supposed to be 3million not 31million


nope… coinmarketcap still havent included bithumb as exchange for bezant, so that volume is not shown on coinmarketcap yet…


you’re correct, i didnt input that part


bezant 21 now on worldcoinindex


That trade volume.


bezant on 20th spot in terms of daily volume, eat that


Volume is there. Now the price needs a run :smiley:


Looks like volume doesn’t move the price that much. Don’t assume a coin will moon after it listed on big ex.
The price is determined by the project potential and the state of the market, bear or bull.


Bithumb is like a local exchange.
It is better if it listed on Binance which has way more global users.


i asked cmc to add bithumb and now they did


Nice one, good effort


Step back and look at aggregate volume of Bithumb vs Binance, then try that argument again. Global users can already buy Bezant on the official listing, Bibox, and 5 other exchanges.


I was merely. Pointing out that taking some profits off the table during a parabolic run isn’t the worst idea. They’re a little over protective in there.

Someone add me back in


uh…what the hell did i just read?


for some reason all those neat coinmarket cap screenshots seemed to stop rolling in…


Was gonna happen really once it hit bit thumb, I’ll try catch the pump and dump if it hits binance then buy back in again