Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Back in the top 200



Bezant is a quality project, quality team, and has quality partnerships.

I love how Bznt is traded with KRW on Bithumb now. It’s nice for swing trading in the BTC bearish market. The indicators look strong there. It has a different dynamic with indicators of course. The moving average and stock rsi look healthy on other exchanges too. I sense a difference in trading movements on Bithumb and I enjoy trading there. KRW/USD exchange rate seems sort of favorable right now. The Bznt/KRW volume has been steadily increasing on Bithumb as price increases.

I’m using MACD, stoch rsi, and bollinger bands indicators. I also use horizontal lines for resistance and suppprt. Pretty basic. I see a lot of bullish triangles on Bithumb. I like how their charts are red and blue too, it’s just different for psychology. The colors can be changed. I enjoy the different trading experience.

I wanted to see $0.01 BZNT but I don’t think many other people did and it’s not worth it, $0.015 is just fine. I thought it would help bank more unbanked people. There was plenty of time for people to buy at $0.015.

Now, I think Bezant could go full parabolic on Bithumb with KRW support while BTC and ETH are bearish until Christmas or perhaps March. Any ideas on when those turn around? I don’t think it matters as much for Bznt because it is traded with KRW.

I see $0.05 coming soon. 50, 60, 70, 80 Korean WON all in good time. As an alternative to BTC and ETH right now, I think we could see 100 - 120 WON and beyond. Of course, I could be totally wrong again.

Well, if you’re not on on Bithumb yet, check it out.

Isn’t Bezant partnered with Linux, IBM, Blizzard, EA Games, and some developer connection with Kakaotalk? Please, correct me if I’m wrong. I will research.

Well, DCA Monday, DCA Friday. DCA everyday. Consistent 30-50% plus pumps. Nice corrections. Bullish and continuation triangles. Good for swings or just hodl to your goal. Watch out for bearish triangles.

The daily indicators still show a strong trend. It’s getting high on Bithumb. However, I believe the daily stock rsi should touch at 100 and remain there for at least a week or two until our chart develops weekly data, and/or until Bitcoin is bullish. The MACD is not yet visible, so let’s send the trend right here :slight_smile:

Damn, this last triangle looks kind of bearish. It looked symmetrical a few minutes ago… however, our stock rsi has reset! What was once such a high stock rsi at this price is now at the bottom.

Buy! Lol :slight_smile: it’s consolidating, AGAIN.

What is the MACD doing though?

Damn. Maybe we reached the top at $0.04? Bull trap?

I get boggled zooming between all of the indicator times. I see retracements and a strong bullish pattern. What am I gonna do?!

Im going to hodl. You know that saying, “Three Green Day’s or four then you know a red candle is coming”?BZNT/KRW doesn’t have that problem because red means up and there is no green lol. 6 red days in a row to make up for the 5 blue days earlier in November. I want to see 7. As a sort of goal and demonstration of quality, I would love to see only red days until we beat previous ATH of 120 WoN on Bithumb. That would make me happy for myself, the Bezant supporters, the unbanked of this world and the Bezant team. If we trade the charts right it’s totally healthy. Or, do we need some corrections? We can fit them within the days :slight_smile:

The daily chart looks like a backwards Nike check right now. Neat. I want it to look like a U or a J :smiley:

Maybe more time between corrections now because higher price? Also, so many waves. Can we have someone do a Fibonacci analysis on the BZNT/KRW Bithumb Chart?


NThe bands are getting tighter on the 1h and 30m. The bearish triangle is usually followed by the continuing trend symmetrical triangle if not a bullish triangle. Don’t be fooled. Of course we correct after $0.04 to $0.035. Next up is $0.045 - $0.05 I reckon. $0.03 - 0.06 is another double. Even from $0.06 we can double up again. We should hit $0.20 - $0.30 to pass up those IDEX days.

$1 not out of the question either in my opinion. Nice video. Bezant could be like an Amazon or Alibaba. Even better and bigger in my opinion. strong text

Ps. I predict another pump in the next hour or two, whenever Korea awakens. I could be totally wrong though, the 1h MACD has never been that high before. I think we can make that last ATH a low RSI in the value in the coming hours. Looks bullish. emphasized text

Pss. On the 1h Bithumb Chart we were in negative MACD from November 9th to November 28th. Let’s try to match that 19 day run all positive MACD on the 1h. Join the fun to sell high and buy back lower. We were so bullish on the 1h this weekend, if MACD touched, you knew it was time to buy back for the next pump, because that was just about the bottom or the lines wouldn’t cross and it was about to pump. Beautiful chart in my opinion.

Something strange though, world coin index was showing a pump to $0.06 with approximately $42 million volume yesterday. Right now on the Bithumb 30m chart there is nonexistent time gap/leap from 5:30 to 19:30.

It is fun to figure the time difference. Maybe pump later than morning, could be afternoon or evening. I expect a pump everyday though.

I put a Fibonacci chart up and it has a trend line in it. I also drew trend lines which show a symmetrical triangle signaling trend continuation. The trend should continue by 12/4 7:30 am in Korea, the vertex of these lines. Lower volume again now, the silence before the storm.


If you swing trade Korean Won, how much does 1 KRW fluctuation in market price affect your portfolio based on how many Bezant you have? Calculate this. Use KRW converter to your preferred currency. It’s good to know for knowing and making your goals. Set those trend lines, and resistance/support lines so you know your targets. If new to trading Bezant, enter Bithumb with a modest amount of capital first and practice. If you’re a seasoned trader then _emphasized text_go all out, or just hodl.

Ps. Okay, so first we had a nice little dump to reset our 10 min, 30 min and 1 hr MACD and RSI. Looks like a solid trend reversal on 10 min bands. It’s 6pm Sunday evening east coast USA, 8am on Monday morning in Korea and the indicators are reset for a strong buy :slight_smile: even Trading view says to buy. Happy new week!

The 6h and 12hr MACD and rsi have been high for days through this pump, as they should. However, they can and should stay high for days until the daily and weekly data develops. I just want to reiterate this until the daily stock rsi indicators are touching up top at 100. The orange is at 70 so let’s say we’ve got at least 30% more of THAT (not price, but in relation to price?) to the top. Daily should stay there for a week or two. I think it can definitely stay up top until December 5th. Why not one more week to the 14th? That sounds like a good time to cash out for any holiday vacations. Cash out whenever needed of course. I may keep pumping until Christmas and beyond. Again, Bitcoin it’s doing its healthy retacements too.

The recent dump before pump looks drastic but I think it fits into a healthy Fibonacci retracement. When you draw that, put the first wave in the bottom gray area and make the others fit into all of the other lines. I think it’s healthy and beautiful to go up, up two, come back and test previous, run up again. There articles about it.

Before Monday is over in Korea I think people will enjoy more Bezant gains.

Pss. Golden cross on the 10 min MACD. Exciting hours to come. I think we just started a new 5 wave cycle at this recent retacement, in the third from the top Fibonacci zone. Looks beautiful. Now running back up. I don’t see any reason for the the 1h MACD to go negative after It was for The entire month of November. The daily and weekly must be fulfilled. It’s our duty as Bezantines.

emphasized text Psss. 50% retracement on the Fibonacci retracement. Seems like we want to test the trend at 0.618.

Pssss. The 0.618 retacement has held up for now. I see some traps in the trading and
indicators. Very clever trading. I’m impressed. To be a pro. Holding here means it’s a somewhat strong trend. I honestly think I catalyzed the pump because I tried to and it happened. It could just be another coincidence. I’m happy to see it hold up at a healthy spot. However, I see the 6hr MACD wanting to cross down now. I’ve exited my position which I should have done earlier and I’m prepared to buy back later when I see more sure bullish signs. I have to beware of greed even though I’m trading with petty amounts of money. I’m not that good at swing trading for obvious reasons. It was a beneficial experiment, and I hope many others profited much more. I’m curious to see what will happen next.

I’m preparing to short to $0.01 or 0.005 again because I made some decent money, I see how resistance increases even going up, and the higher the price the longer it take to get a similar % _emphasized text_effect. A giant was awakened on Bithumb so I also welcome the challenge of shorting against Bithumb lol. We’ll see. I spent too much time in the market this weekend. Time to rest and recover for me. I wouldn’t be too surprised at at 78 or 100% retracement. However, the trend line is holding up. Maybe the 6h indicators come down over night and we reset for another pump. The 1h stoch is down there waiting. Maybe the 1h MACD will cross up at the bottom at -4 to match the peak trend of +4.

Psssss. Happy Monday! Did you double up with Bezant this weekend?! If not, I think we set a healthy trend for the next week and month. Used MACD, RSI, bollinger bands, and Fibonacci retracement tools. Draw trend lines. Use lines to make triangles and check signals. Somebody, please, respond. I would like to make a new reply without having to edit the old. Amazing how people love to bitch in a bear market but don’t want to say shit when I make it run up. Lol! Well, y’all are gentleman for not discussing your investments now… :D_emphasized text_

Psssss. Buy the dips! Buy low, sell high. DONT buy at the top and sell at the bottom! Check your fomo! Check your fud! Set your entry. Set your exit. Know your targets. Have a stop loss in mind. If unsure, exit. You can re-enter when you see confirmation and make up for little stop losses.

If you have any advice, new drawing tools, and/or indicators I would love to hear about them. Let’s have a great week!emphasized text

Psssssss. Gotta have all your ducks in a row. Know when to what.


Bezant is up more than 120% the last 7 days, and going against the trend… top 100 soon to come?? im confident, we will see that pretty soon… :rocket::rocket:


Just recovering the huge losses it made in the weeks prior.


Just retweeted this, got to love that sweet Bezant. I hope we’ll see Bezant in the Top 100 CMC in 2019. :bezant::rocket:


correct… but still much faster than other projects :+1:


because it tanked more than the others.


:+1: that might as well be true, but vs. other projects in the same marketcap region we are up… project a bit earlier 169, now 170 ranked… that is (was) a new high :bezant:

Small steps, i just wanted to share some positive vibes in this sad bear market :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I wish I could agree. Great project. However, will be shorting down to $0.01 - $0.005, for the people. This coin is meant to oscillate between $0.01 - $0.04 when I want it to. Ain’t nobody got time for upper resistance and sideways energy. Up and down, up and down, ASAP. Sell it all!

Ps. Thanks for the replies. So much easier to reply than edit longer texts on this phone.

Bezant as a service has helped me understand the cryptocurrency market and relationships better, and I am thankful for that.

Excuse my euphoric and delirious predictions of matching the red days with Green Day’s. I was in the euphoric part of the market cycle, aka time to sell. At least I announced my exit. Honestly, I was tempted to buy back and make some swings. Put yourself in a bad position and remember that feeling. Is the risk worth the reward? So funny how trading view was calling it a “buy” with a clearly descending wedge and overbought on the Daily interval indicators. It was a nice pamp while it lasted. Let’s let it come down and buy the dip. The lower the better. Still looking forward to ICX ico prices :slight_smile:





Im exited to see the mainnet being demoed sometime soon…


What a standoff! Bezant vs Whole market!



Even on a bloody day for crypto in general, Bezant seems to have gathered increased interest, at least on Bithumb it seems…


Please note, that the testnet is live, and there will be a bounty campaign pretty soon


We value your thoughts and comments, so we’re opening a bounty campaign where users can use our wallet and scan services and be rewarded. The bounty campaign will open very soon. Please make sure to tune to our channels for updates!

A new bounty campaign is live, get 300 BZNT for just creating 2 wallets and making a transfer between them…

NB. had to make this as an edit as i apparently can not post more in this thread before others do so, as i’ve posted the last 3 posts :grin: