Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Most of those spikes (like the one from today - BZNT went to ~1.1k sato) are generated by fake volume - go look at tading at FatBTC.

I can only assume that it’s some kinda weird shill created by exchange for exchange to gather more users.



Interview with CEO of Bezant

English sub’s available :+1:


Does anyone know a good wallet to use for bznt or if the iconex wallet can simply take bznt as an erc20 token?


I use trust wallet bud


You can also use Mew. I use my ledger for added security. Bezant is still a Erc-20 token.


Thanks. I’ll give it a go


200 Bezant airdrop for just liking and commenting on their most recent Youtube video:

[Airdrop Event] Bezant Youtube Channel CEO Interview

Hello from Bezant!

Today, we are excited to share our latest updates and stories on our Youtube channel with the interview video of our CEO, CJ Kim. Please check this video and participate in our BZNT airdrop event!

How to participate in the Airdrop

  1. Please ‘LIKE’ the interview video below and subscribe to our Bezant Youtube channel

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Moving up ! People start to notice that the mainnet is here soon. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Can someone give me a nudge if there a token swap. I forget that I bought this at ico


The pub is pretty switched on to this so I’m sure we will know way in advance!


Main net is suppose to happen end of this month/quarter.



I have a confession to make: I have never actually owned any cryptocurrency. I have never owned any BZNT. I was studying for a Masters in Cybersecurity and doing research for my sort of thesis, which included blockchain as it is such a hot topic in Cybersecurity. In my initial research while scowering major news articles I came across the claim that cryptocurrencies are largely manipulated through social engineering. I did some research about social engineering and wondered how truthful the “fake news” might actually be (are they socially engineering with their statement?). Thebitcoin.pub was a small enough place to experiment with different theories, while it also grew big enough to provide influence. The BZNT project seemed like an opportunity to test different theories and methods. It worked. I never actually owned any BZNT. I am a nobody. I am a peasant. I am a poor graduate student. However, I did discover, as we most all probably know, there is fake news, and there is real news. Both are influential. I wish you all the best with your endeavors in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Stay woke. Sure, consult with others, but do your own research, and beware of the social engineering :slight_smile:


Hey man
Thanks for summing up what was going down there, got to admit you took some shit from some of the dickheads who used be around here for what they percieved you were doing with the price via buying\selling bznt.
I only have a small bag which I picked up after the ICO when you were in the middle of your experiment & the price dropped more than 50%, I got in at 0.03 which is great as I am pretty much breaking even with that one now so I’m happy.
Personally I think we are being manipulated at various levels in the game of life, you read the news, then its whats the real news, whats the fake news, man life is so fucked up sometimes.

Anyway you take care of yourself and I hope you pass your masters with flying colours.:slightly_smiling_face: