Kraken: WebSockets Public API Version 0.1.1 - LIVE

we’ve been tracking with kraken and their API development… just got this in an email:

Dear all,

We are excited to announce the WebSockets Public API is live!!

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Fun Facts

  • A client connection lives only for 60 seconds if no subscription made.
  • Do check the health of your WebSocket client by constantly checking the “heartbeat” message approximately every 1-2 second

< {“event”:“heartbeat”}

  • Asset pairs used for subscription should be ‘/’ separated. For example, ‘XBT/USD’

  • Facing issues, do tell us your “connectionID” mentioned in the systemStatus message example below. It might help in diagnosis.

    < {“connectionID”:10371464400491757038,“event”:“systemStatus”,“status”:“online”,“version”:“0.1.1”}

  • You can always send a “ping” to check if connection is live. You will receive a “pong” in return.

Our API team is here to help so make sure to report issues or share feedback!


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