Laid off Thur (9/13/18) - My "worship" song set list - dancing on the roof of church

Hey Bitcoin Pub Family,

I just wanted to give you an update. I did share some in the YEN discord, but wanted to share here because we are family. This is one of my most intense weeks, and yet, my wife (@SungshimLoppnow) and I are handling it beautifully with grace, dignity and strength. I don’t have energy to share all the stories, but just 2 stories.

I knew this meeting at 9:00am on Sept 13 was when I would be laid off. I wanted to act like myself and do this with some flair. I had some inspiration to walk into the meeting room with the 2 people playing this song on my phone.

I slowly marched in with a straight face until I sat down.

One of the guys did not know what to do. This was my artistic flair to my exit.

Afterwards I went on the roof of church to sing and dance to this set list.
I share it as one example, model of how to engage with pain, loss and major transitions.

I think people would appreciate it.

Just wanted to stay connected with people in the Pub as I’m going through this intense stuff. Actually, we are still creating some videos while we go through this. For our channel Presence + Practice

And, i’m creating videos that I’m sharing with people in my community (personal + unlisted). The growth curve continues in the midst of all this intensification.

Love you all!

Presence + Practice
Changing the world, one relationship at a time.


Stay the course! All is well!


God is good, of that I am sure.


We are connected. :latin_cross:


Good question @kimchi
lots to sort through.
Thank you!


Nice to see other Godly and Good people in here. I am a Christian.

We have been blessed with Crypto… let’s make it change the world…

I got into Crypto when I lost my job. I now have a new one. Have faith, trust and don’t doubt yourself as it will come good.

I did my first Crypto transfer on Christmas eve 2017 and I thought I had lost it as it didn’t arrive. Didnt sleep all night… thinking you idiot … just lost some mega money. … 7 hours later heard my xodus wallet go Ching and it arrived. Best Christmas present I have ever had. Smiles. See it worked out for me. It will do for you too.

You are on the path, One step at a time.

God bless.



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