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Hello Bitcoin Pub Community!

I hear there are many ICONists here. I’ll drop by and share some of our most exciting updates. But, if you’d like more frequent updates delivered to your mailbox, I want to recommend our newly revamped newsletter. Our latest issue compares ICON vs. Other Blockchains.

ICON Newsletter #8:

The ICON Network became fully decentralization end of Oct, 2019. We now have 114 P-rep candidates (validators/nodes) operating globally. ICON has become a true grass root community with many teams contributing to grow the ecosystem. You can check out some of these projects via link below:

Exciting times. Let me know how ICON can be more involved with this community.

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Would it be possible to host an AMA of some sort to get questions answered by the community? I feel like people on the pub have more in depth questions about the structure of ICON’s network and its functions.


This would be great.

Maybe @peter could host it?


These things are possible…


Sounds great. Hope your doing well sir.


Sure, of course. Will it be live forum format like Reddit?


I think that would work, but due to the pub not being as active as it used to be (for now), it would probably have to go on for about 1-3 days. Two options off the top of my head would be:

  • Live format that is answered over the course of 1-3 days in a separate pub thread (I’ll moderate any off topic discussion) similar to Reddit’s AMA format.

  • People can submit questions on the pub over a small period of time, have Peter host it live per @escalade0709’s idea, and you can answer them there.

Of course it’s up to you. Let us know what you prefer and we’ll try our best to make it happen.


This really would be great.

Can you work this out in a format that people submit questions to? I for one would love to know if the S-Coin will be on icon public blockchain.


Great news. Wish the best to your team to bring forward the project. We are still here after 2 hard years but we never lost sight of Icon fundamentals.
Icon keeps growing and us with it.


imo i like option 2, Gives them time to think about how to answer and create quality content for the world to see. Definitely gotta get the crowd to propose some challenging questions.


Well, lets take back the travel part :slight_smile:

How about another 5-10 minutes video podcast with the short overview of recent happenings in crypto, South Korea and the ICON itself:

  • the state of the crypto industry

  • South Korea crypto bill

  • ICON progress update

  • A look at Broof, VisitMe, and general DiD roadmap

  • The road ahead

I believe the community would love to see two of you talk about it again @peter and @minhx. What do you think?


Is there going to be a focus on the question set?

Business Development
Finance Development
Technical Development
Legal Information


Hi Min and welcome to theBitcoinPub.

This was the place where DSNC found out about ICON Project, here at TheBitcoinPub and where our journey as an ICON P-Rep started.

  • Check our DSNC account at TheBitcoinPub

Some good ideas. Let me think about it. I’m thinking starting something simple that doesn’t take too much time from our end. We like AMAs but it means we lose a day or two depending on the formats / amont and complexity of the questions. Time is an important resource these days. Hope you understand.


Completely understandable and wishing everyone on the team the best with the current climate in SK.

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Hey @minhx I hope you and your family are doing well.

I wanted to bring a suggestion up to you and not have it blasted all over twitter or wherever. I know there has been alot of controversy with some of the top P-rep teams not handling there rewards properly.

Is there a way to implement that at least the top P-Rep teams be transparent with a monthly financial report.


Good to have you here Min! Had to take a break from the keyboard warriors. I’ve been onboard with ICX since ‘17. Wavered once when I was in fear of not being able to trade ICX in the USA.

Good to see you on Twitter defending Icon!


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