Learn Blockchain Programming (8 Week Course)


Awesome stuff here:


Week 1 (Cryptography):

Week 2 (Mastering Bitcoin + Annotated BTC Whitepaper + BTC wallet)


Week 3 (Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies + build a blockchain)

Week 4 (Ethereum + Annotated Eth Whitepaper):

Week 5 (Solidity Programming + Ethereum articles):


Week 6 (Other Cryptocurrencies):

Week 7 (Decentralized Applications):


Week 8 (Build a Decentralized Application):


Siraj is literally a guardian angel! Absolutely love this guy.


i feel like lately life has been throwing hints at me to get into coding/programming :thinking:


Cryptozombies is fantastic! I made two videos around it (warning, silly!):


Can anyone recommend a course for someone who can code ok (though not a professional) and wants to learn blockchain development?