Ledger Live for ledger wallet AVAILABLE




hows everyone going with this? seems buggy. difficult to load currencies.

managed to get BTC and ETH on, cant get LTC or Dash to work


Seems to be working better now. I was able to access all the currencies on the app. Works very well in my opinion. Did they come out with the iPhone app yet?


i finally got Dash synced after half an hour of syncing but LTC is a no go. I also cant pull a receiving address from it. dont delete your chrome apps just yet.

it has some more polishing to do before its ready to use reliably


every time you want to do a new action you need to log out and back in again or the app stalls.


Have you tried deleting the app (Nano S app, not PC app) for the currency?. Helped me quite a bit to sync ETH.

Regarding the bugs, yes, it’s quite buggy. But it’s new… what is the new software without bugs these days?


Just downloaded it. I love it. Very nice. Reminds me of what Trezor has already.

(For those wondering, I did have to delete all my coin apps and reinstall them)


QUESTION: Does anyone know how you can use another ledger on a computer that is already setup? example: I was setting up a friends ledger and ledger live and trying to teach him how to use it. Well when i went to hook my ledger up i could not get into it using ledger live, I had to download the chrome app to access mine since his was setup on the computer under ledger live.


sorry i dont. Dont delete the chrome apps.

the new app has been disappointing to date. crashing / freezing / not syncing and yes, its not obvious on how to use a different ledger other than the one you setup


for anyone stuck with it not synching, i got the below back from support:

Thank you for contacting Ledger support.

I am sorry to hear you are facing this issue.

The BTC and DASH apps have been updated, you first need to uninstall your current BTC application from your device and download it again from the Ledger Live Manager: https://support.ledgerwallet.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006523674

1/ Uninstall your current version of the BTC app from your device by going in the “Manager” of the Ledger Live

2/ Once it is uninstalled, reinstall the BTC app again, the version should be 1.2.8

3/ Uninstall and reinstall the DASH app, the version should be 1.2.8 too

4/ Try again adding your DASH wallet according to the tutorial here:

Let me know if this has worked for you, and if not let me know exactly where you are stuck.


anyone else struggling with this POS?

just wont sync properly and times out. two different PC’s same problem.

also, anyone worked out how to access different accounts yet ( switching ledgers on same PC )



Is there a desktop vechain vet walllet for use with Ledger Live yet?
If so, where and what is the current version?




Are there two methods to store/view assets located on your ledger;
a) ledger ‘accounts’, ie native ledger apps that appear in the lefthand margin (BTC, LTC, XRP etc),
b) separate asset wallets that interface with ledger support (neon, iconex, owallet)?

mass adoption cannot happen with this interface. WIth this interface people will need crypto banks to do the same thing banks are doing now.

crypto managing banks to get everyone into crypto and out of fiat banks. that make sense? jebus crhrist . people can’t be their own banks with this interface.
Seriously, I can’t even understand some of the token swap specifics happeining right now.


Probably bably not with hardware wallets no. They’re good for cold storage of big amounts, mobile wallets = mass adoption


If anyone still around after this mass exodous. It turns out that ledger live can’t handle address that do daily micro transactions ( mining). It times out trying to scan wallets with bulk transactions makes it time out.

I got told my ledger that the chip will actually overhear trying to do it, hense the game stopping time out trying to synch and address that mines.

The fix, use the chrome app ( which still works) to send your coins out somewhere else, then back again.

Ledger live can then scan the address and add it.


Thinking to get a Ledger Nano S, with the latest firmware update, how can apps can you actually install?
I heard you can install up to 18 apps.


The Max I can Install on mine is 4 not including the BTC app, NEO, VET, ICX and BTCP. If you have to do any more coins you need to uninstall some of the others to make space.


I have 5 cryptos on mine. Unfortunately, I tried moving some coins back to the exchange and it won’t let me transfer all of them. I was trying to move my XRP back to Binance. It allowed me to move 1 coin (as a test to make sure it would work), then it allowed me to move the rest of my balance -except for about $12 worth. So now I have $12 of XRP stuck on my Ledger. Has anyone else had this problem, or goes anyone know how to fix it?


I believe you can still uninstall the XRP app like any of the other apps. And reinstall later when you want to use XRP again, the $12 of XRP should still be there. I haven’t tried with XRP but have done something similar with my BTCP and NEO.


You cannot empty a XRP wallet. You have to have the base amount of 20 XRP available in the wallet. This is a XRP requirement. Think about it as a “wallet fee”.

There are a few reaasons why XRP/Ripple has introduced.
If you empty a wallet nothing would prevent the wallet from being recreated in the future, consequently all the old/previous transactions would be valid again but for a new account holder. That is part of XRP’'s Security Model.

Another reason is to avoid that people create “trash” wallets and fill the ledger with junk information.

Hopefully as technology matures we will see a way to consolidate XRP wallets and maybe only maybe there will be another solution in the future as it would be become very expensive to hold a wallet once XRP hits 100 USD. :wink: