Ledger Live for ledger wallet AVAILABLE




hows everyone going with this? seems buggy. difficult to load currencies.

managed to get BTC and ETH on, cant get LTC or Dash to work


Seems to be working better now. I was able to access all the currencies on the app. Works very well in my opinion. Did they come out with the iPhone app yet?


i finally got Dash synced after half an hour of syncing but LTC is a no go. I also cant pull a receiving address from it. dont delete your chrome apps just yet.

it has some more polishing to do before its ready to use reliably


every time you want to do a new action you need to log out and back in again or the app stalls.


Have you tried deleting the app (Nano S app, not PC app) for the currency?. Helped me quite a bit to sync ETH.

Regarding the bugs, yes, it’s quite buggy. But it’s new… what is the new software without bugs these days?