Ledger Nano FIRE+WATER PROOF - how to


Hello guys - anyone knows how to protect Ledger Nano S - from fire and water are there any cases or methods?

for instance… https://www.amazon.com/Ledger-Waterproof-Fireproof-Hardware-Wallet/dp/B07BFL1RGM


Thanks :smiley:


any opinions, experience with that product?



I feel like you don’t need the ledger fireproof storage, but if you really need it, you can get a fireproof storage box and just keep it in there. As for the metal plate; I think you can just go to home depot and find some metal sheet to write on for cheaper. :thinking:

I keep my ledger, seed words, and other things in one of these

Then I just stick it in a safe.


Haven’t used it but it looks pretty good. Doesn’t rust and resists temps up to 3000 degrees. Looks like you would need a punch set or a metal engraving tool additionally.