Ledger Nano S cannot find my XRP

One year ago, I transferred some XRP to my Ledger Nano S cold wallet. I made the transfer from Binance to Nano S. I am sure the transfer was successful, because on xrpcharts.ripple.com, when I input my Nano S XPR address, I can see all the transactions I made, it shows my XRP is still there.
But the problem is, when I open the wallet manager app, I cannot see my XRP. I tried to add new XRP account, but the address is brand new, cannot find the old XRP address.
I also did the recovering using the 24 words, but it didn’t help.
I am pretty sure it’s syncing problem, I also contact Ledger support, but still cannot find my XRP…
Could you please give me some help? Thank you so much.

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